by Anna Pirhana

Boldly billing themselves as the  "first country western punk superheroes," an assertion that might raise the collective eyebrows with the Kinman bros. of Rank and File, Gunpowder’s Cd "Circle A Ranch" comes complete with fast country punk and a cover that features the band on horseback in front of a burning prarie background.  Any blend of punk with another musical genre has the potential to be interesting, and Gunpowder’s mix of acoustic guitars and driving rhythms fuse together nicely.  "Red Rage Ready" provides a good intro to the band’s sound, and the tracks become harder and raunchier until it reaches the caffeinated homage to Johnny Cash’s "Folsom Prison Blues."  This is a more angry, desperate sound given life by Major Erik Gore’s haunting  vocals.  Try not to expect the usual cowboy banter about dying dogs, cheating hearts and someone’s love affair with the pistol. Despite their name, Gunpowder points a searing eye at gun use, while skirting classic social punk themes. 

 Band members are: Major Eric Gore, Doc Sauter, Kenny Lawless, Sammy Six String.



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