Crisis De Jour
Review and Pictures By: Michael Rys
Off the top of my head I cant recall how long Michael Korn( guitar -vocals),Dustin AllerBass,vocals) and Marek Chudy( Drums,vocals) have played together as Grommet, live they seem to have that cerebral connection that bands have when they've played together 20 years . But this metallic, punk, thrash trio have now churned out three full length CD's in three years. Not many bands do that anymore,let alone unsigned independent bands But Its just another way Grommet goes and break the rules with their latest release Crisis Du Jour. Here is another rule breaker for a "heavy" band... This CD has more a sensory emphasis on vocals. This slight left turn does not effect the audio attack this band has become know for.They( Michael and Dustin) certainly spend a good deal of time in most tunes ripping up the fret boards and Mareks drumming continues to lead the band in way you don't hear much these days so what does this change mean???? Over all you still get the growling volcanic bass lines,"how the fuck he do that" guitar lines but you have more vocal melodies, more rounds such as the brilliant vocal textures in Dogs ( which also features Cliff Hill ex Shock Therapy,A.L.D. current member of Country Bob and The Bloodfarmers ) which recall the rounds in the song Rails from their first record Feeding The hand That Bites. Fattie is another tune that just blasts the listener with a pretty hard rock feel to it but the chorus has a sing along potential that the crowd and radio listener would love!. Fattie in my opinion is also the song on the CD most of your standard radio listeners would get into not just for its subject matter but because it flat out rocks.Listen Here comes off with a punk rock ala Circle Jerks feel,and the vocals both main and background have a very No Control era Bad Religion sound...very cool and I'm certain this song will be in heavy rotation on my computer. 11 Songs strong and again not one stinker on the CD. You get the humor,the absurd,the bar side wisdom,and even a few observations in their songs subject matters.But this is what you and I have come to expect from Grommet and a new listener will pick up the new CD and be just as happy they did if it were Anti Verse or Feeding The Hand That Bites. Crisis Du Jour is most certainly going to earn them even more virtual award hardware when end of the year awards star being handed out. Grommet writes ,plays and performs songs for themselves and their fans and it shows with this CD. No formulas, pushing the boundaries of what we all expect to hear in " punk rock" song, and even surprising subject matter (Invasion Of Personal Space)
Grommet's steadily built up a nice sized following following in the Rustbelt and has toured down south as well as new York New Jersey areas. Why this band is not signed to a label by now is mystery to me.. Maybe its not being sought so... But you labels that read this these reviews and I know your out there you might be wise to sign these boys to your arsenal before someone else does Grommet is the very essence of what sets the Mid west apart and even more so Detroit from the rest of the country. They don't follow trends and they break ground. Go to a show you'll see Mohawks with Exploited patches standing next to a guy with hippie shoes n tie dye,and next to him Mr.Polo shirt n dockers all rock in to the musical beast that is Grommet and this record Crisis Du Jour I'm hard pressed to pick favorites on this CD but right now Dogs, Fattie, Ashes and Listen Here are really grabbing me over and over again.
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