Greater Than Plan B
"Songs for Therapy"
by Carl Macki

Greater Than Plan B
"Songs for Therapy"

Quintin --  vocals, guitar
Jamie -- Drums, backing vocals
Moss -- bass, vocals


    1 All The Ways
    2 Yesterday
    3 Sunburn
    4 We Suck At Naming Songs
    5 Where Is My Mind
    6 S.O.S.
    7 Desperate Measures
    8 Greater Than B
    9 The Shanty
    10 Bonovox
    11 Saturday
    12 Track 13. 

Greater Than B -- (used to be called Plan B) their name bespeaks their vaunted alternative rock roots. . .is pleasant sounding enough. Not too much, pleasure will kill you. The engine of the train of their sound chugging goes neatly down hill and up hill, almost dizzingly so. Their songs are neat, the percussion well placed, the rhythms appropriate. I am not surprised by them, nor am I wondering what happened to "Plan A. or B"
They have been compared to Mest, The Ataris and The Starting Line. I would add Green Day. That's not a cut -- they do sound a little "green" It's a whole lot better than being tired and stale. They did hire their ex-English teacher as bass player, so please send the corrcted review back to me.

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