Wonder Taker Records
by Ginger Coyote

The Grannies hail from the Bay Area and do a good job keeping Punk Rawk fun.. The opening song "The Industry" would you lead you to believe this 13 song CD is a live recording but to the contrary- it was recorded in a speedy 7 days in a studio. Mixed and Produced by Jack Endino... The band reminds me of San Jose California's Diesel Queens...  Stand out tracks include  "Your Band Sucks," "Don't Step On My Tits., " Viva LA Electrocucion, " (featuring NY Jazz-man John Savage on Flute is probably my favorite track),   "Jesus Was a Homo" "Wipe it on Drew," and "God Bless A Man In A Dress".... Savage can also be heard playing both Flute and  Sax thru out the tracks. The CD includes a fun colorful Inner Sleeve Booklet  with fun photo's that make me wonder why the title of the  CD is not God Bless A Man In A Dress....Fun Stuff!

 Wondertaker .com
P.O. Box 470153
San Francisco , CA 94147-0153

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