(Yah its got em)
by Rafael Zipin 

We live in an age of so many “options” that we forget that we have or need rights.

Under the stress and confusion of trying to figure out what color skin we want for our new mobile phone, what kind of face cream will make wrinkles take a vacation for another five years, and which celebrity we want to fuck the most, we misinterpret our options as freedoms. It’s a semantical war that we have all but lost. Our inability as humans to focus is the reason why this is possible. It is why we are constantly being duped and then consoled easily even after realizing it, but alas it is also why we can find our existence so tolerable. This scramble for more options is part of our ridiculous battle with ourselves and our neighbors to find an identity, to fool ourselves into thinking if there’s enough combo meals at the McDonalds we can have one all to ourselves and that will help us to be more of an “individual.” The average American life is nothing more than a distraction from actually having to spend any time alone with ourselves. The “individual” is the lie we have been sold. Its what allows them to separate us from them, and us from ourselves….So we can only look at each other and see the differences, So we can know that the enemy is not like us, So that we may never know what it is that we truly desire.

       Our Government doesn’t need to sell us their agenda, they simply just need to have one…that’s become enough.

       When will they pile our bodies high enough to get to heaven? We are the base for them to stand on, we are the foundation for everything we hate. We dream no more, We live under a god we will never know as part of a sacrifice we will never fully understand.

This is our only destiny….until we find out who we really our. Scared of death, Scared of life….what is the real option? Until things change when I see you out on the street I consider you my enemy, your lifestyle my disease, and your individuality just a giant corporate shopping cart.

             Rafael Zipin  5/14/05



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