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Written and Directed by Paula Tiberius
Review by Gerry Jenn Wilson

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For those about to rock . . . be prepared to salute Canadian Filmmaker/Director/Rock and Roll Diva Extraordinaire . . . Ms. Paula ("Fuck Y'all") Tiberius for giving birth to one of the finest " FemmeFatale " Raw Empowered  Rock 'n' Roll films that this Punk Globe "Trashmaven" has ever had the pleasure of reviewing!!

GoldiRocks is a flammable tale of a wild n' wanton dreadlock-clad minx named "Goldi" who is destined to seek out "The Holy R&R Grail!"

Goldi's mundane day job as a cappuccino barrista is merely a stepping stone to finance her 1st axe -- a sweet vintage Melody Maker guitar -- and pay the rent on a room she moves into in an all male punk rock house . . . where the lads are frisky and the mice are even friendlier!!!!
Goldi is not afraid to stage dive headfirst into Toronto's R&R cesspool and throw caution to the wind at a gig, at Lee's Palace, where she rocks out to
" Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars."

Goldi goes back stage to meet the band and the next thing you know she is doing the "Between the Sheets Watusi" with hair dresser/ turned singer " Robin (Fucking) Black!" Punk Globe's cinema queen "Goldi" is no one trick pony!

Eschewing the groupie label, Goldi begins turning her roommate's relatively unknown boy band around after making guest appearances with them at Lee's Palace singing the Teenage Head" hit favorite, "Lets Shake!!!" The crowd goes wild and "Goldi Fever" begins to spread in the T.O music scene . . .
Goldi's guest appearance leaves the fans wanting more! . . .

. . . Meanwhile back at the bandhouse all that glistens is not Goldi!..The boys decide to kick her out of the project right when the going gets good!! . . . What is a poor "Goldi Grrl " to do!?..(Not being a lassie to pout alone), our golden heroine decides to "Tie One On" at a Cheerleader gig where she is caught smooching one of the band members in the back alley of Lee's Palace (by a disgruntled girlfriend) who proceeds to kick Goldi's blonde dreadlocks to the
curb. . . not a pretty sight!

When the going gets tough -- Goldi's gal pals come to her emotional rescue and save the day by pooling together their tip money and purchasing Goldi the beloved Vintage Melody Maker guitar of her dreams! Magically . . . Goldi gets her "Groove Back " by song writing, recording her first demo, and forming her own band . . . breaking free from the suppressive boy band rules . . . and finally dancing to the beat of her own rock and roll dream!!

Punk Globe
gives director Paula Tiberius killer kudos for creating " GoldiRocks," and special "Shout-Outs" for supporting l"Teenage Head" and bringing The Real Canadian Music Scene ON!!

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