By: Ginger Coyote
I have been pals with Debbie Horn and Klaus Flouride for years and I really wanted to interview Go- Going- Gone- Girls for quite some time.... I finally got my wish... Sharla Cartner our Webmistress has met Debbie in San Francisco and she will be seeing The Dead Kennedys when they play Melbourne, Australia so she will get to meet Klaus and find out how cool he is... The whole band rocks... Check out the fun interview...
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Tell us about the Go Going Gone girls?
G-G-G-G: Well we have 4 hair-hopping go-go girls in the front singing 60ís go-go-soul-bubblegum-girl group harmonies backed by an all-star line up of unruly boys!
Punk Globe: Tell us how you came up with the band name?
G-G-G-G: Carla had a dream that we were on a game show called the Go-Going-Gone show where it was like a dance contest- the last go-go dancer wins- so we decided to do it in real life It's quite possible that tequila and a Russ Meyer movie were involved subliminally.
Punk Globe: Who is in the band and what do they play?
G-G-G-G: Carla Lease - vocals (sometimes French) Debbie Horn - vocals (sometimes German) Claire Thueson - vocals (sometimes Italian) Audrey Wackerly - vocals (sometimes Spanish) Klaus Flouride - guitar Paul Bergman - bass Adrian Gormley - keyboard and saxophone Dave Lichtenstein - drums
Punk Globe: Tell us how the band was formed?
G-G-G-G: We started in late '90s/early '00s go-go dancing at parties in a cage, performing skits at the Burlesque shows around SF, and formed with w/the whole band around 2002 or 2003.
It really started as a tongue in cheek sort of laugh-a-minute slapstick thing since everyone in the band is such a hoot and constantly full of new jokes
Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands inspirations?
G-G-G-G: The Ronettes,The Sonics, Soul Train, Rezillos, Shangri-Las, thee Headcoats/Delmonas, MC5, Ike and Tina, the Fuzztones, Maxine Brown, Jimmy Scottt, Die Crazy Girls ectÖ
Punk Globe: Does anyone in the band have any other bands they play in?
G-G-G-G: Currently Klaus is playing in The Dead Kennedys tours and with The Ledge (Legendary Stardust Cowboys)
Punk Globe: Is it hard booking shows with Klaus away playing with The Dead Kennedys?
G-G-G-G: He's sometimes touring a few weeks at a time across the U.S. and overseas, but we usually book shows around it. Right now he is about to leave for Australia so we are on a little break. He was heading for Japan first but sadly, unfortunately that changed so just the Australia leg of the tour is on. We donít mind taking breaks because we donít want to play shows all the time anyway- keeps it more vibrant that way with new outfits, new props, new songs ectÖ Klaus is super great to work with- heís a real rib-tickler!
Punk Globe: Japan is in a horrible situation because of the quake.. Sharla Cartner our Webmistress is going to see The Dead Kennedys in Melbourne. So she will meet Klaus then.. Debbie has met her when she came into Puerto Allegre a couple summers ago.. What has been your favorite show so far?
G-G-G-G: Hard to choose. We've had quite a few fun ones including dancing on a bar during Spinal Tap, playing with Andre Williams, The Dickies, The Slits. We played Coney Island once, that was a ball! Recently we played a party in a mansion in the Oakland hills that was really wonderful. We like to mix it up quite a bit.
Punk Globe: Have you gone into the studio to record yet?
G-G-G-G: We have some songs recorded, but plan on recording lots more hopefully this summer.
Our drummer Dave Lichtenstein is opening up an amazing new recording studio on Broadway Street in Oakland. It will be nice and he is such a pro.
Punk Globe: Any releases out?
G-G-G-G: Nada yet.
Punk Globe: How about any touring?
G-G-G-G: We hope to do a West coast tour soon and Coney Island beach party by next summer!
Punk Globe: If you could play any dream gig anywhere with any one where and who would you play with?
G-G-G-G: On top of a building in San Francisco with King Khan.
Punk Globe: How do you feel about KUSF leaving the airwaves?
G-G-G-G: Unbelievably horrible!!!. Another awful move by corporate America. Ugg more culture lost is never a good thing, that was a great station, all our friends work there, we have played on the air and been involved in KUSF just like everyone else in the community, It is very upsetting.
Punk Globe: Favorite clubs to play in the Bay Area?
G-G-G-G: The Hemlock, Bottom of the Hill, El Rio, Annie's (RIP)! The Knockout, and we wish we could play the Tonga Room, maybe for New Years?
Punk Globe: Favorite bands to play with?
G-G-G-G: We've had some of the best times playing with local bands The Meat Sluts, Pineapple Princess and C'mon Everybody! Shonen Knife was super fun too! Great gals!
Punk Globe: Are you Amy Winehouse fans?
G-G-G-G: Sure - she felt the groove.
Punk Globe: Do you have any web addresses for readers to get updates about Go Going Gone Girls?
G-G-G-G: and
Facebook The Go-Going-Gone girls
Punk Globe: What is in the future for the band?
G-G-G-G: We want to film a Rezillos inspired black and white video to project behind us while we play!
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
G-G-G-G: Thanks for the good times.! Ciao Baby!
Punk Globe would like to thank The Go- Going- Gone- Girls for the fun interview.....