Good Old Days Punxzine #01
by Ginger Coyote

The Punxzine does not have any listed address or contact information.  I know that the Editor is Barmy who is the lead singer and founder of Antiseptic. Also involved with the Punxzine is Dinda and they both are from Indonesia... The concept of Good Old Days is to remind the new generation about the glory days of punk/hardcore music.. Barmy has been involved with the punk movement since it began in Indonesia.. He met Dinda at a gig in 2005 and this friendship created Good Old Days...They have interviewed Barmy and Antiseptic, Ginger Coyote, Lost Sight( who are from Indonesia) and Don from Punk Life Zine... Interesting and informative stories about Go Sailor and Operation Ivy. A few cool old flyers from The Cuckoo's Nest- Black Flag, Wasted Youth, Circle One- Gillman Street- Operation Ivy, Hells Kitchen, Christ On Parade- Lacasa Dela Raza with The Ramones and RKL in Santa Barbara and a Dead Kennedy's, Go-Go's flyer from The Mabuhay Gardens...  Plus some good Top 10 lists from Barmy, Rabind Rawks, Ginger Coyote and Dinda.  Plus some kewl Record Reviews... As an added bonus there is a free CD of Barmy and The Antiseptic called "More Than Fashion....  A Great Read  For All !!!

Barmy's My Space Address is

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