May 2017


‘Gnash Rambler’
By ‘Gnash Rambler’
Album Review By: Jools Green

Coming in at the lighter end of Punk is the debut release from Vancouver’s ‘Gnash Rambler’, a self titled, a forty- two minute slice of feel good, tongue in cheek, Punk Rock with that has a catchy, lighter take on life but with the ballsy edge, a little in the vein of Blink 182 and although sound wise it’s a definite nod to the 80’s and 90’s, it’s nostalgic but without feeling dated.

The twelve tracks, from the quartet; Nick Venditti on vocals and guitar, Dave Shannon backing vocals, lead guitar, Regina Australialus on bass, backing vocals and Brad Mitchell on drums and didgeridoo, yes you read that right, but more about that later, are a straight forward, up tempo Punk Rock offering that speaks for its self in content and delivery. It’s filled with catchy addictive hooks and riffs, blistering rock style solos and clearly delivered vocals and although it’s from the lighter end of punk it still has bags of attitude as well as humour all making for a great listen that is also great to sing along with. It’s not an album with that rams strong social or political messages down your throat but they do subtly address issues but always keeping the focus on great tunes.

The whole album is an engaging listen end to end listen, you won’t want to skip or miss any here and to be honest I struggle to pick out favourite tracks because the more you listen the more this album grows on you from the brilliantly blistering guitar work on ‘No One Gives A Fuck’ and ‘Dues And Don'ts’ to the catchy groove of ‘Bad Karma’ or the humour of ‘I'm Het’ to the darker, subtly scathing dig of ‘PAX Amerikana’ which has a decided early The Offspring feel to it but the album wild card ‘Blues For Boogie’ as it suggests is a blues laced, more serious and reflective number , with the subtly addition of that previously mentioned didgeridoo, adding something very different midway through the album.

Track listing;

  1. No One Gives A Fuck
  2. Dues and Don’ts
  3. Bad Karma
  4. Downtown Rock
  5. Buick Spyder Beyond Our Means
  6. Blues For Boogie
  7. Jello Mold
  8. Doin' It All Wrong
  9. I'm Het
  10. PAX Amerikana
  11. Man Over
  12. Sex Beat
  13. Bad Karma (radio edit)

‘Gnash Rambler ‘ was produced by Brad Mitchell, mixed and mastered by Dave Shannon and the CD Cover and album artwork is by Joe Flores. All in all great debut album from these Vancouver Punks.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gnashramblertheband/


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