By: Michael Rys
Most bands record there greatest albums when they are hungry,drunk,n stupid youngsters.These bands often self destruct before they make another record or they toil the rest of their careers trying to live up to the rep created by the first record.Most never reach it let along top it. Detroit's Glitter Trash may be drunk,hungry but they are not stupid and they certainly ain't youngsters. But, their first full length Wreckage has set the bar damn high not just for themselves but for Detroit punk all around.Taking cues from their hero's over the years they have unleashed one of those records that I believe collectors and pimply faced leather clad punks in 2036 will be paying mega bucks to get a hold of.This CD is an instant classic filled with crunchy,pulsating,boot stomping madness. Best of all none of this is contrived street wise song writing. Singer Jenna Talia and guitarist Homeless collaborated to write most of the material on this record and its 100% real . They don't write about what they have not lived themselves. Punk rock's appeal is that it does not take virtuosity on any one instrument to make it great,its the outpouring of emotion and heart. Jenna, Homeless, Rat ( Bass) and Dirtbag( drums) lay out their black hearts on the floor for all to marvel at,stomp on,and dance around on this record.

Less is more... I'll leave the over reviewing to someone else and just tell you simply this is the best punk rock record Ive heard in 2011. This record will be a sought after Motor City classic.Wreckage is an instant hit,Punk Love, and 18 Wheel Murder Machine are my favorite cuts on this disc. If you dig The Avengers,early UK Subs,and Midwest punk like Bloody Mess you'll fall head over heels for Glitter Trash. Oh and by the way one of the few punk acts Ive seen the last few years that really is unpredictable during a live show.

Get this record ya trendy hipster and your friends will think you are a genius.
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