A Quick Word With
By: Rotten
Those of you who read regularly will know of my obsession with all things Sex Pistols, well, now comes another new solo album by my favorite bass player and former Pistol GLEN MATLOCK., the album, BORN RUNNING (which is reviewed elsewhere in this issue), cannot even be called a return to form, because Glen's 'form' never left, a great songwriter who knows his way around a melody too. So lets have a quick word with the man himself......Mr Glen Matlock.
Punk Globe: Firstly, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview. OK, so Its September 2010, and it already has been quite a year for you so far. Rich Kids re-union, The Faces, Silver Machine, the untimely passing of Malcolm McLaren and Steve New, and now the new single and album, BORN RUNNING, When did work on this new album begin?
Glen Matlock: We started recording it last summer putting the drums and Rhythm guitars down in a studio in Soho, London and then finished off the vocals, overdubs and mixing in the autumn, so it was pretty much completed and ready to go by the beginning of this year. I was however sidetracked by the possibility of dates with the Faces so we decided to keep it back until that was done and dusted - well for done and dusted for the time being anyway!
Punk Globe: The first single from the album is the title track, Born Running, and to my ears falls into the rock category of your first solo release My Little Phillistine from 1996, Was it a conscious effort to have the latest album a harder rocker than, say, Open Mind (a damn fine effort from 2000)?
Glen Matlock: Yes I think that is a spot on appraisal - I deliberately tried to make a tougher sounding album, mainly by ditching the strings and keyboards on everything all the time always. I did try and pay more attention as to what keys I picked for the songs and I like to think that has benefited the vocals in a good way.
Punk Globe: You have a bunch of talented musicians on this album, Including the late Steve New and long time collaborators Terry Edwards and James Stevenson, How do you go about picking the right people to back you up?
Glen Matlock: I ask them nicely, promise them the world and then sneak out while they're not looking! Seriously though, they are all mates that I have pretty much known for years. They just all happen to be pretty top shot players.
Punk Globe: Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics, on tracks, like, SOMETHING TELLS ME? how does the creative process begin?
Glen Matlock: That's a hard one to answer but I guess life in general really. The song you mentioned followed a phone conversation with Patti Palladin who I write with on a sporadic basis and who was feeling down in the dumps. Basically I was trying to tell her that it's a new day tomorrow and all that malarkey, so the song was mainly about trying to give a little hope to somebody who is struggling under the weight of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Other songs are normally generated by seeing something or overhearing something which sets the grey matter going and once it starts gnawing away you have to pick up a guitar and do something with it otherwise it fills up you brain and takes over!
Punk Globe: Will there be a tour on the back of this release, and if so, What kind of other material can we expect at the shows?
Glen Matlock: That is the plan and we are working on dates now. We have an album launch show at the 100 Club in London on Tuesday 5th October and hopefully we will be out and about throught the rest of this and early next year. Watch this space but I am dying to present these songs live together with some of the other material from my 'solo' output, with the new band line up.
Punk Globe: I was lucky enough to be at the Rich Kids re-union show in January, (which I reviewed for Punk Globe), How did it feel re-visiting songs written back in '77 / '78 that have not been played since the band split?
Glen Matlock: Good Man! it was great to play them as once we had started rehearsing, we realized that they had stood the test of time and although it was such a last minute thing, the fact that everybody pulled up to it, buried any past differences and rose to the challenge on such a bittersweet occasion was quite humbling and the sense of relief we all had at the end of the show was immense and I feel that we were all pretty proud to a man to be able to give Steve a fitting testimonial.
Punk Globe: I also saw the gig with Ian Macklagan at the 2002 Wembley Music Fair, which led indirectly to you being part of the Faces re-union, Somehow you just seemed like the right guy for the job, Did you enjoy participating and are there any plans to take it further after this run of solo work?
Glen Matlock: Blimey you get about a bit don't you! well we did that Wembley gig for a laugh and a bit of beer money more than anything else. Yes though, that was one of the moments that sowed the seeds that led to the Faces gig for me. I have known Mac for many years on and off now and as well as valuing his friendship, I feel honored that a musician of his caliber reckons I'm goo enough to play with. Yes it seems they all think I'm the right guy for the job and we are waiting to see what the recent few gigs lead to in the coming New Year so again, watch this space...
Punk Globe: Have you thought about putting out a Glen Matlock anthology album, using material from your long and varied career, including some of the lesser known bands like The Spectres and Concrete Bullet Invisible, which I know many fans have not heard?
Glen Matlock: I have knocked the idea around but it entails a lot of time which I am kind of short of these day but you never know. I would certainly like to see people getting their heads around 'The Dirt That She Walks In".
Punk Globe: Are there any Matlock rareities in the vaults that we fans may not have heard?
Glen Matlock: Sadly I reckon that nearly all of my solo stuff comes under the Rarities that not many people have heard category!
Punk Globe: Whats next for Glen Matlock?
Glen Matlock: Same old shit I guess. Promoting the record with some live shows, trying to write a few more toe tappers, see what's happening on the Faces front and some more solo acoustic stuff - sounds enough to me!
Punk Globe: Where can fans buy the album, and where can they find out more about all things Glen Matlock?
Glen Matlock: Well from 20th September 2010 it should be available in record shops - HMV included. It will be downloadable from itunes and also available to order from my website - glenmatlock.com - so there is no reason to not be able to get hold of a copy.
Punk Globe: Once again, thanks for taking the time out to be interviewed, The album is also reviewed in this issue, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves, because its a damn fine album.
Glen Matlock: Thanks it has been my pleasure and glad to know you think I am barking up the right tree here. Cheers, Rotten