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Peppermint Records / Floating World Ltd
By: Rotten
Regular readers will know of my love for all things Sex Pistols, so it gives me great pleasure to review the Brilliant new album by Pistols bass man GLEN MATLOCK and his band THE PHILLISTINES.
BORN RUNNING is the title track of the album and a VERY strong opener, Utelising Glen's trademark hooky chorus, which had me singing along within minutes, Musically it sets the tone for the whole album, gritty, a rockin' pace and leads into GET WHAT WE GET really well, which has a killer guitar riff running through it. Definitely a High point of the album.
T.R.O.U.B.L.E is next, which has strong drums from Javier Weyler. Next track, NOWHERESVILLE is the first of three tracks to feature long time Matlock collaborator and Rich Kid Steve New, who sadly passed away a few months ago. His guitar work stands out and it is great to hear the two men together one last time. This album is dedicated to Steve's memory, and it is a fine dedication and a great tribute to the memory of a vastly underrated guitarist.
ROCK CHICK is next, featuring Maggi Ronson and Tracie Hunter on backing vocals, and is another rocker , While TIMEBOMB brings back the catchy chorus motif and will have your feet tapping all the way through it. HARD WORK is a track originally heard a few years ago when The Phillistines first started gigging, and has always been a killer tune, SOMETHING TELLS ME brings the tempo down, but is a great song, lyrically dealing with moving on to the next thing when things get bad. Its a very uplifting track.
ELECTRICITY is quite a funky track, with a great fluid bassline and I can imagine this being the track to get people dancing when its performed live. YEAH RIGHT is another co-write with Patti Palladin, formerly of Snatch and a collaborator with Johnny Thunders (as was Glen, himself), and it brings the album back to a rocker in great style, WAY TO GO and SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW finish the album in classic style.
The musicianship on this album is to such a high standard, and the album is destined to become a classic of Glen's catalog. Big Hooky choruses, Great guitar riffs, Strong bass and drums, and some of the best lyrics Matlock has written in his career.
Listening to this record shows us there's more to Glen Matlock than his first band, and it will not disappoint anyone who checks it out. Definitely one of the best albums I have heard this year so far.