Glass Candy, I'm A Gun, Love Machine
The Comet
June 2007

by Miss Oblivious


Wow! The Cap’n agreed to go to a show with me! This hasn’t happened well since the Stooges a few weeks ago but before that it was Quintron last summer!

We had a kind friend Xtal volunteer to watch the kiddies and were off to Capitol Hill, The cap’ns first drinking stint on the hill since, well ever!

We found parking close to the Comet and I took him into bliss down under the pavement to Belgian French fry hut! Yes The Cap’n is a complete sucker for fried potatoes and I knew that if I filled him with these delights I was going to get a piece of ass for sure!

A few dingy dives later and it was time to get back to the Comet to see one of my favorite bands! Glass Candy!

Love Machine (Trashies Max’s new music project), kick started the evening with in your face shouting and rhythms. A spectacular Dead Moon cover done with keyboards and complete new wave fever!

And then, and then I was in for such a treat with this boy I have seen around town Brad! He has a new two –piece called “I’m a Gun”! Really great heavy, noisy and live wire! Proof that Miss O still has punk rock in her soul and rock’n’stole in her boots!

I made Mama Casserole a dolly for her upcoming birthday attached to 45’.

Ida No and Johnny Jewel arrived right at the knick of time! I gave Ida her dolly I made of her in a cute lil box and the Glass Candy’s I had toted with me since California 2 years ago! I had been saving them for our next exchange and it had been awhile! Ida said she remembers my voice (is that good or bad?).

Those two electronic machines set up and blasted us with their disco-sequin, new wave pleasure! Ida’s voice has always brought sheer hope to my inners, I feel so calm when I hear her voice! Johnny is a fir sure babe magnet!

If you go get a dictionary and look up “rock-n-roll stud” there is a photo of Johnny Jewel next to it!

Neil and Xtina rolled back to Ballard with us and it was time for snoozes!


xoxoox-Miss Oblivious

Glass Candy:Johnny Jewel


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