Yes, have some
Git Some
Planes Mistaken For Stars
by Carl Macki

"Yes, have some"
(7-song EP)
Self produced and distributed
by Git Some

Lucious Fairchild -- vocals
Chuck French -- guitar
Neil Keener -- bass
Bobby Lewis -- drums

Track Listing
glowing shadows
fabric eyes
Trixie loves Misty
silvershigled skies
number five
broken bodies glisten
buckle up!

To contact:
Chuck French -- 303-653-7870

I put these two bands together. They share some band members.

Neil Keener and Chuck French of Planes Mistaken for Stars joined up with singer Luke Fairchild (of White Dynamite/Sparkles) and "Handsome Bobby" Lewis to start Git Some, but I thought they didn't meet up with Lucious until Git Some already started in Chicago and moved to Denver, meeting up with them there. And how Andrew LIndstrom came to fit in, I dunno. Oh well, that's what happens when I don't keep up with the Chicago and Denver scenes, and stay in this little bedlam by the Bay, and pay attention to hyphy instead. What? You mean I am not a wigger!

Okay, getting to these bands, Lucious Fairchild puts the REAM in scream, they are qually good. I felt Planes Mistaken for Planes' "Mercy" was more accessible to me. Certainly "Penitence" is one of the most poignant, throbbing love paens I have heard in a while.

It came with printed lyrics, great artwork, loved these songs they have on the album.

Advanced and Cathartic are a good words for Git Some. A cathartic makes you wanna shit. Their shit doesn't stop. And you don't have to smoke the shit. They are smoking light. They are the real shit. You don't want to sit down when they are the real shit. And so I go on and on until I see them live. Missed them in Oakland. This is a good bet for me to understand more of their instinctual reservoir for art, aw, shit. Here, there's Chuck's phone number (see above) if you want to contact them for whatever. No drunk late night calls though.

Planes Mistake For Stars

Planes Mistaken For Stars


Gared O'Donnell (a.k.a. White Chocolate) -- Vocals / Guitar
MONGO -- Drums
Chub Fresh (Chuck French) -- Guitar
Ol'Neil Keener -- Bass

Track Listings

One Fucked Pony
Crooked Mile
Widow: A Love Song
Keep Your Teeth

To Spit a Sparrow
Never Felt Prettier
Killed by Killers Who Kill Each Other
Little Death
Church Date





"We have six songs in the works and are recording and mixing five more
dec-feb. We'll be sending a few songs out to folks in August and/or September.
Cheers, Jason/Juhu Beach


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