By: Jack Boulware & Silke Tudor
Review By: Timm Carney
First off I have to say I can not properly review this book as I am an old friend of Silke Tudor and I have always loved her and writing style. Silke and Jack Boulware did extensive interviews with members of "The Scene" that was San Francisco punk rock. "Gimme Something Better" is an oral history detailing the story of punk rock in the San Francisco Bay Area. They interviewed many, not all but many of the scene makers and musicians of the area. I totally enjoyed reading the memories and reminiscences of the Bay Area Punk Rock A-list. Sometimes very funny sometimes incredibly gossipy the interviews get inside the heads of members of Flipper, Dead Kennedys, The Dicks, and other legendary and not so legendary bands. This is a very enjoyable read and if you weren't there you may a little something about what it was really like at the Mab or other infamous clubs. "Gimme Something Better" is a fun read, something nice to have on the nightstand.