“Keepin’ It Sleazy”
By: Gus Bernadicou
While most people grow out of the fuck-everything-with-a-whole-phase, Sacramento based band Get Shot! is attempting to leave their DNA in any willing participant and change the world in the process. Being caught with meat in your mouth, a catchy ditty penned by Stiv Bators, is nothing compared to what, self-promoting king, JP Hunter can whip out. In the Golden GaGa Age of 2011 punk has taken on a new identity of unorganized chaos (screaming, yelling, bitching, bragging, yelling). Get Shot! is a different kind of punk, they are into organized chaos and with the first song, on their new album “Keeping it Sleazy,” “Riot” sets the pace and makes you want to go Occupy Wall Street. Joking aside, it is one of the strongest punk anthems AmeriKKKa has ever heard. It is the simple rock and roll that is punk in the same manner of Johnny Thunders, because it questions the norm. The n out of nowhere the sleek, polished “I’m Not Staying Sober Tonight” kicks the album into full gear. It has an amazing commercial finish, but it might contain to many “fucks” to be played on the radio… A few tunes later the track “Bestfriend” jives to the concept of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, sex, sex, and sex. “Cum On You” features stellar background vocals and of course a steamy topic. When performed live, Hunter dances around with a giant inflatable cock that shoots out whip cream onto the audience. Scratch, scratch, sniff, sniff; the tune, “Stealing Underwear” kicks ass. The album closes with the tune “Hurry Up Girl!” ending the album with a bang. It also features chic guitar solos, and a speedy refrain that winds down until the album closes with an abrupt stop leaving you wanting just one more refrain. Do yourself a favor:
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