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By: Gerry Jenn Wilson
"VIVA LA CORNDOG!!!"...."LONG LIVE LISAFURR!" Geoff "CORNDOG" Lloyd Memorial... Feb.7th 2010 @ The Astoria Hotel, VANCOUVER, B.C.
When the going gets rough, the Vancouver music scene gets ROCK SOLID!...Free Cigarettes For Drunk Minors, The Strugglers, Mr. Plow, The Deadcats, The Cadaver Dogs, Death Sentence, MONDO Burlesque, & the EAST VAMPS joined forces to pay tribute to our dear friend GEOFF "CORNDOG" LLOYD ...(R.I.P.) You may have known Geoff from his days playing bass in The Matthew Good Band. Or perhaps you hawked your guitar when you were short on the hooch or rent & got to know him that way at the AAA Pawn Shop on Main St here in Vancouver!!!!!...I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff "CORNDOG" Lloyd when he married my bass player in JP5.."the lovely LISAFURR" back in the early 2000's!!!
Corndog & his Upright Bass Spankin' Bride "Mrs. Lisafurr" Lloyd, went on to form Vancouver's #1 Beaverbilly Band, "THE SLICKJACKS"...Geoff Lloyd played a mean "BIG DADDY" SPARROW guitar & was without a doubt one of Vancouver's finest pickers! Corndog wrote catchy, kitschy, rockers with hook's a plenty!!! "HOW TO CLEAN BLOOD OF A BOWLING SHIRT", & "SURFIN' TSNUAMI" come to mind!!!... Geoff also had wit that was as quick as a whip, and was hell!!!.. His humor came out in his lyrics, and more often than not when he was sipping on his fave martini, ABSOLUTE Vodka...LISAFURR's bass playing alongside the mighty J.T. Massacre on drums (JP5,& BIG JON BATES) made THE SLICKJACKS a rockin' force to be reckoned with!!!! Geoff & his talent will be sadly missed !!!
Corndog's happy bride LISAFURR & I formed the EAST VAMPS in the pre Olympic summer of 2009 with my 19 year Old. niece Nadja "BOOM BOOM" Feutlinske on the drum kit! 2 months into the EAST VAMPS we decided to record with ADAM PAYNE @ FACEPLANT, & THE HOUSE OF PAYNE STUDIOS!...We asked MISTRESS JEN to join in on the recording & fell in love with her talent on the keys!!!!....Mistress Jen plays with The Torture Devices, THE MANGLERS..(Vancouver's Only STRANGLER'S Tribute!), & PARALELL LINES (Vancougrr's Only BLONDIE Tribute), as well as the EAST VAMPS!!!..
In early December, 2009, LISAFURR found out that her Mom in Ontario was diagnosed with cancer, & that it wasn't looking good....Without hesitating, The Slickjack R&R couple of COOL packed up their gear & moved to Ottawa.... Unfortunately for Lisafurr & Geoff... their luck went "SOUTH" from that point on!!!!
They say that there are only 3 things that are certain in life...HINDSIGHT, DEATH, & TAXES!!!...In the end, If ONLY Lisafurr & Geoff stayed in Vancouver and not moved to Ottawa...this story would most certainly have played out very differently. HOWEVER.... "LIFE AIN'T LIKE THAT!"....LISAFURR'S Mother died only a few short weeks after the Lloyd's moved to Ontario. If that wouldn't be tough enough... Geoff in a moment of despair made the terrible decision to take his own life!!! Poor Lisafurr became parent less & a widow in a matter of a few short weeks!!! It is for this reason amongst many that her friends & extended Rock & Roll Family in Vancouver welcomed her back with open arms at the Memorial/Fundraiser last night...Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at The Astoria Hotel!!
Friends, family & fans gathered to pay their respects. There were memorial "GEOFF LLOYD~CORNDOG FOREVER" T-SHIRTS & PINS available...(artwork by MIKE "O"), 8X10's, as well as CORNDOG'S being served...(The best that I've ever tasted by the way!)...There was also a 50/50 draw & an Entertaining Raffle including artwork donated by I, BRAINEATER aka JIM CUMMINS, SKATEBOARDS BY R.C. COLA, & C.D.'s from EAST VAMPS, DUVALLSTAR, DEATH SENTENCE, etc...almost ALL of the proceeds, ($2000 +),went to help LISAFURR & the LLOYD FAMILY. A special thanks to all of the bands on the bill that donated their gear, time, blood, sweat, & tears on stage to show that THE VANCOUVER MUSIC SCENE IS A REASON FOR LIVING!!!!!!........."VIVA LA CORNDOG!"...."LONG LIVE LISAFURR!!!!".....WELCOME HOME "EAST VAMP SISTER!"...