By: Gus Bernadicou
It isn't often that an album can change someone's life, but occasionally it can happen. In the same fashion that the New York Doll's debut album sparked the curiosity of being yourself in the youth of the 70's; Genya Ravan's new album "Undercover" has come from the outskirts of God-knows-where, hinting at the potential happiness around every corner. Radio host, record producer, poet, rocker, and hottie; Genya Ravan is it all. Watch out Debbie Harry.
While Genya has often been a genre hopper throughout the years, the sound behind "Undercover" is focused and tough. Close your eyes and picture the world in black and white, "Undercover" is the perfect soundtrack. Lenny Kaye, Felix Cavaliere, Ian McLagen, Nile Rodgers, and Elliot Randall all appear on the album. The album starts out with the track "Essence" that has the silky, smooth riffs of Lenny Kaye and smooth, yet silky vocals of Genya Ravan. With it is sleek, controlled production the tracks flow in a waltz-like fashion. "Love Me All The Way" starts out with a funky fresh piano ditty and then slowly transitions into a ballad about the realistic definition of "love." Felix Cavaliere, Mr. Peppermint Twist, duets with Genya on "Long Distance Love" which, once again, is about love. ...It's better than two songs about "hate," I suppose... The highlight of the album follows, "Druken Angel" which channels The Faces and English Invasion. Rod Stewart only he wishes he could pull of a song like this! A few tracks later, "Right In Time" blasts off. It's the kind of song that makes you want to fall in love, ("love" must be a theme of this album)... Also worth mentioning is Genya's recently released single, a remake of "Do You Know What I Mean?" which features some fresh guitar riffs...Little Steven called it the best track of the year!
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