gear headz

By Chris Rockson



Introducing a brand new feature to the Globe - I will be taking a look inside the guitar cases, drum cases and everything else for that matter of our favourite friends...whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer, vocalist, saxophonist, cellist, keyboardist, name it, we'll cover it...wanna be next? Mail me



Spyder Darling

Detox Darlings/Lipstick Killers/Peter Blast

Bass Guitar: Gibson Thunderbird w/ custom gold top finish, just like the one Jackie Fox played in the Runaways. I just went into 30 St. Guitars in NYC to buy strings, took one look and knew she was coming home with me (the bass, not Jackie). Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick had been lusting after it earlier in the day.

Sorry Tom, ya snooze ya lose!

Amp: Fender Bassman 300 watts and best of all, it's on wheels!

Set up: Guitar, chord, tuner, chord, amp. Anything else for bass just dilutes the bone rattling tone.

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