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Photo and Review by Anthony J. Downs
There are myths, there are legends, and in the mix there's Gary Forney of Iowa's rock'nst, blues'nst, hybrid-fusio'nst band Punk'n. The name Gary Forney may seem very familiar to those of you of the avant garde art scene, to those of you in the neo-beat poet sector or to those of you that have seen a little hit piece that's loved and hated, "Off The Charts: The Song-Poem Story." No matter how you've approached Mr. Forney, the fact is you will never forget his impact on the world of galleries, stages, screens, studios and airwaves that have presented his work to the masses. These days Gary and Josh Forney, collectively known as the mega-versatile rock/blues/punk fusion band "Punk'n" have been laying down the proverbial sounds at numerous venues around the United States. Like an audio tornado sweeping crowds into a frenzy of hyper rockin' out, Mr. Forney's message is clear: He's no cookie-cutter, conveyor-belt drifting, kid-tested, mother-approved, run-of-the-mill, mass-produced, product-tested rocker. Nope! The music of Punk'n is what it is and what it is is sonic truth, an audio representation of the phrase never…EVER say die…NEVER give up your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions, and your personal credo of truth and belief in yourself! Enjoy life and enable others to do the same! No, Punk'n's not some "self help" band, some musical Dr. Phil, but you will feel a helluva lot better after having heard what they do in the studio or on stage.
It seems that I, your humble reviewer, am not the only one that "gets" Punk'n and all of its greatness. Their music has graced the Indy movie realm via being featured as soundtrack material for the cult horror movie "Puppy," which features Alice Cooper's daughter in a starring role. The spring will usher in a new genre conquered by Punk'n via a classic Gary Forney "joint" being interpolated on DJ DedTony and Billy Sugarfix's upcoming album "Weight Limit In Force." The concert scene is abuzz with Punk'n's upcoming summer tour, featuring performances in numerous Indy-friendly locales and possibly concluding in the "core of the beast" New York City! And last but most certainly not least: Beyond the concert scene this summer, Gary Forney's life story will FINALLY come to life on the big screen as "Caravan" (based on the autobiographical book of the same name) begins filming in July of 2010. In short, life is good for Punk'n and your life will be better through being down with them! So, please check out the following websites to learn more about the legendary Gary and Josh Forney of "Punk'n:"
The "Puppy" movie site: http://www.puppygang.net/ DedTony Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/djdedtony