“Have a ‘Gansett, a Narragansett lager beer”

By Timm Carney

What goes better with punk rock than cheap beer?  Free beer?  Well any beer will do really, but cheap beer is a must.  Narragansett beer is just one of those beers.  Founded sometime in the mid 1800’s Narragansett started brewing larger beer.  It became the largest brewing company in New England.  Sometime in the late 20th century the brewery was bought by Falstaff brewing and basically fell out of favor and almost out of production.  The biggest brand of beer in New England was for intents and purposes dead. Then right at the turn of the 21st century two guys bought the name, got some money together, hired a brew master and got the brew back on the market.  They are making good Punk Rock beer.  I prefer the tall boy cans; they are the traditional way to drink a ‘Gansett. It is just as good as the original and just as cheap too. If you are paying more than a couple of bucks for a draft you are being shafted! Narragansett has been preserved!   These guys deserve some sort of an award for keeping a vital part of punk rock society alive.  Cheap beer rules.  Cosmos and Manhattans are not punk rock, beer is.  That is all there is to it.  Shots are great, they’re punk rock too, but beer really is king.  Mickey’s and Burgie! are the closest things to Narragansett on the west coast.  Narragansett’s other major brew is Haffenreffer. That’s good malt liquor!  Equally as punk rock.  Malt Liquor can hold its own in.  There was a day when every city and area had its own local brew.  Girls like Lavern and Shirley really did exist.  Times have changed and become more corporate that why it is great to see companies like Narragansett making a come back.  Drink the local beer, eat the local food, and see local bands. Don’t let corporate top 40 and homogenization win. 

Fight the man!  Have a “Gansett!