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"Full Scale Panic "
SBS Records
Review By: Michael Rys
Not too many records come out these days that I would call "crossover". That being said I define "crossover" as being a band who can transcend genres.Some do it with just one song,some have pulled it off with whole records,even fewer have made a career with crossover appeal.Toledo Ohio's Full Scale Panic have that appeal, in PBR soaked drunk punk, metallic Slayer riffing,hardcore chest beating,crust punk seething,death metal fire breathing droves. But, whats makes their crossover really cool is the fact that they are not trying to do it. They just wear their influences on their sleeves. Their new self titled CD "Full Scale Panic" on Cleveland's SBS Records picks up right where their EP You "Create The Poor" left off. A few major differences... there is more to love, 11 songs this time clocking in at 19 minuets,just enough time to drive to work, and this seems to be a much more guitar heavy record. Tyler Russell out did himself with some of the riffs on the CD,which for me is just fine.My only knock on this CD is the vocals could be up in the mix just a little more.Chris has got to be one the absolute fastest vocalist's I've heard and to be lower in the mix makes this old fart strain to hear em. Jas Panic on drums and Mark on bass make a formidable and somewhat tribal rhythm section on this record and manage to keep the sonic assault moving .

All in all this band continues to progress very well.Not straying away from who or what they are but growing more cohesive as a unit and recording some of the best crossover hardcore the mid-west has had in years. Some of my picks off the self titled CD are Told You So,Location 12, They Live, and Trigger Happy.

This CD given some touring should give the band a bigger star on the map.

CD available at www.fuckyeahsbsrecords.com

Check out the band here:www.myspace.com/fullscalepanic