by Amy Carlson

Rarely has an Independent Label such as Syd's, Frenchkiss Records, garnered such amazing press for an album as has The Hold Steady, a band on Syd's label with their second release "Separation Sunday."

This week for the first time in SEVEN years the Village Voice put a band, The Hold Steady, on it's cover (and for the first time in 15 YEARS for an NY band!!!) It is truly amazing!!!

However, The Hold Steady's first album, "Almost Killed Me," was voted #1 album of 2004 'you didn't hear' by Spin and Rolling Stone, so they are truly on a roll.  I encourage all of you to go to your local store and check it out.  It is very much in the style of "Born to Run," a true 'rock' album.

But not only are they on the cover of the Voice, 'Separation Sunday' was voted in Esquire magazine, (out now) #1 in the 21 best albums of the 21st Century.

To view the cover of the Voice see the attachment, go to press links below to see copy and most of all go get the album, you'll be glad you did:)

Basically three cheers for Syd, Frenchkiss and most importantly The Hold Steady for accomplishing a rare feat in the world of Independent Music Labels.  Time's are changing in the Music Business and Syd is really setting the stride.

THE HOLD STEADY - VILLAGE VOICE COVER!:,fgross-,63579,22.html


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The Hold Steady's Almost Killed Me, was just named #1 Album of This Century by Esquire Magazine (May 2005) and charted at #31 Album of the Year in the Highly Esteemed Village Voice 2004 Pazz & Jop Polls.
graced many a magazine's pages in the nod to the best and overlooked music of 2004, including the #1 Album You Didn't Hear in 2004 in both Rolling Stone and Spin Magazines. With raves and accolades out now (Spin, Magnet, Blender, Esquire, Jane) and more coming in the following months (The New Yorker, Village Voice, CMJ Monthly).

I Am So Proud Of Frenchkiss Record's Success......


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