Free Bradley Manning! Exposing War Crimes is Heroic, Not Criminal....
By: Ban Tasers
"Either we begin to militantly stand against the coal, oil and natural gas industry or we do not. Either we defy pre-emptive war and occupation or we do not. Either we demand that the criminal class on Wall Street be held accountable for the theft of billions of dollars from small shareholders whose savings for retirement or college were wiped out or we do not. Either we defend basic civil liberties, including habeas corpus and the prosecution of torturers or we do not. Either we turn on liberal institutions, including the Democratic Party, which collaborate with these corporations or we do not. Either we accept that the age of political compromise is dead, that the corporate systems of power are instruments of death that can be fought only by physical acts of resistance or we do not. If the liberal class remains gullible and weak, if it continues to speak to itself and others in meaningless platitudes, it will remain as responsible for our enslavement as those it pompously denounces." (-Chris Hedges)

"We must examine our connection between soaring debt and these two wars; the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan. Between 2003 and 2008, the U.S. debt increased by almost $4 trillion. A quarter of that debt is directly attributable to the war in Iraq. The cost of the war in Afghanistan has been over $455 billion to date, and the deadline for that keeps sliding past 2014.
We have to start taking care things here at home. What will we sacrifice? Will we sacrifice the education of our children for these wars? Will we sacrifice Social Security for these wars? Will we sacrifice Medicare or Medicaid for these wars? Will we sacrifice our infrastructure for these wars? Or will we say that the war in Iraq was based on lies, let's bring these troops home? Will we say that Afghanistan is a hopeless, corrupt mess and its time to bring our troops home? And then begin to use the resources of our country, those resources that are hard-earned taxpayer dollars, use that money for things here at home. Let's have that debate as we talk about cutting the budget." (-Dennis Kucinich)

“Since coming to office, he has escalated the war in Afghanistan, authorized more drone attacks in Pakistan that have killed more civilians, kept Guantanamo open, supported Israeli war crimes, and raided the homes of peace activists. And in a time of budget cutting and economic hardship, he has actually increased military spending. Sorry, but that just doesn’t make the grade.” (-Medea Benjamin)
The American oligarchs seized the media, under Clinton, in 1996, but have steadily continued consolidating it, ever since. Hence, the shift to the far right, as the information flow has become disturbingly segregated, by the elite media-monopolies. Many folks, in rural communities, only have access to those fat, fascist bozos on State TV and Hate radio, spewing their violent, bullshit propaganda. The top one to ten percent wealthiest crime families are indeed, a criminal class, preying on the rest of us, they've stolen all the money, sent all the jobs to China, and Mexico, ignore the anti-war will of the people, and are now turning their elaborate top secret, spy apparatus on "dissidents", spying on community organizers, peace activists, people who vocally resist the nude radiation scanners and enhanced pat-down gropings in our airports, and anyone who wants to see Habeas Corpus and the Bill Of rights and Geneva Conventions restored. Meanwhile, these media-putz' are paid to divert and divide the middle class from the working class, by scapegoating liberal professors and immigrants for the economy that was ruined by their corporate overlords. The Democrats, the republicans, and the corporate media must be held accountable in this totalitarian culture of torture, spying, entrapment, and disappearances. The whores of war browbeat us all day long, with their blowhard bullshit. Do not be deceived, dear friends, these chicken hawk creeps are nazi liars, who've obviously, sold their souls to the evil empire.

Gov. Jesse Ventura says he only votes third parties, now, and with the traitorous, undeniable, utter and complete sell-out of all Democratic values, I urge everyone to reorganize, to oust the republicrats, out Obama and the phony Dems, repeal the Patriot Act and end the criminal wars of imperialist aggression. True grass roots is one on one, door to door, talking to your people, direct action, D.I.Y. organizing from the ground up. Michael Moore started with a simple fanzine. Nader got his start by simply discussing the events in the newspaper, at the table, nightly with his immigrant parents. Too many blue collar/unemployed/poor people are being misdirected and taken advantage of, by big business financed front groups, and slick cable con artists, who pretend to feel their pain, but dupe them into blaming Muslims, Mexicans, gay people, black folks, anyone but High Finance and the Military Industrial Complex, which is where ninety percent of our taxes goes. They talk about deficits, but it's the criminal enterprise of invading nations for oil, based on lies, that sucks up all the Federal budget. Next to nothing's spent on education, health, affordable housing, infrastructure, just war war war. They keep repeating lies from the Nixon era about "crime in the city" and the "welfare state", but if you look at a pie graph of the Federal budget, only tiny fractions ever trickle down to the people, and money for wars, weapons, police, and surveillance are hidden in every part of the budget. Money that's supposed to go to libraries and parks gets quietly reallocated for policing, and trendy new cop gadgets. Schools budgets are being cut everywhere. Millions and millions are unemployed, homeless, in poverty. Not to mention the poor people warehoused out of sight, in for-profit prisons, for petty drug offenses.

Young guys, from hick towns, who think the military's a rational career opportunity, need to talk to the homeless vets, begging for money at the stoplight. Many of the soldiers from the first Gulf War came home and died from Gulf War Syndrome, which the government officially denies the existence of. Guys over there now, are breathing-in toxic fumes, from chemical weapons and/or Kbr burn pits. If you love your Family and friends, discourage them from having their limbs blown off to advance Big Oil shareholder's stock profiles. Like Muhammad Ali said about Nam, you ain't got no quarrel with the poor people, on the other side of the world. The Iraqis did not make you urinate in a cup for a minimum wage job at Wal-Mart. The corporate whores did. The cave dwelling Muslims, "with box cutters", didn't send all the living wage jobs to China, and foreclose on your uncle's home, that was the white guys in blue suits, again. The Mexican workers didn't hand the airwaves over to four companies-Bill Clinton did. Beck and Limbaugh and all those fat white guys are paid millions, to divide and conquer us, so we won't unite to overthrow our common oppressors. Less than one percent of the population controls the tv, radio, the schools, and now, they're taking over the internet. Talk to Tea Party people. Talk to gun nuts. Don't get sidetracked by false diversionary tactics. Focus on what you have in common. The undermining of the Bill Of rights, the poison being dumped from the backs of those planes, in the sky. Be patient with their religious superstitions. Uneducated folks are indoctrinated, from a young age, to hate anyone from a different church, or with different skin tones, or sex preferences, or drugs of choice. If you can't reach the rednecks, cool, stick with those whom you can effectively communicate with, but organize, organize, organize!!!!

If any of those politicians were good guys, they would pin medals on someone who exposes the mercenaries, and military goon squads, who target and kill journalists, and civillians, for sport, like they did in that video, "Collateral Murder", that was alledgedly, leaked by a courageous whistle-blower, being held in solitary confinement. It's a disgrace that any of these politicians can get behind torture and killing, but particularly, these so-called Democrats.