The Fight United

By: Ginger Coyote



1. Not a Police Man

2. My name is Paul

3. Washboard

4. Your War

5. Whiskey, Anarchy, Pride

6. Sunset Massacre

7. Not Like Everyone

8. Out on the Town

9. 1.....2.... Die

10. Gix n' Gxully

11. Pain and Wasting's

12. Ink and Flesh

13. Wendy 13

14. What Happened to Me?

15. The Fight


The Fight United a fun old school punk band from Vancouver B.C. who have released a 15 song CD- D.I.Y. style..  Lead singer Trigger has a snarly punk rock voice while holding down Guitar.. Yoko Ohno on drums and Brass MacBastard on bass hold down a solid bottom end... The music is lots of fun and I am sure that The Fight United are entertaining live... Stand out songs include "Out On The Town," "Your War,"  "Sunset Massacre" and my favorite is "Wendy 13" written about Wendy who owns and operates the finest punk bar in B.C. - The Cobalt.. "Wendy 13 , East Vancouver's punk-rock Queen."  The CD is dedicated to the memory of Gix R.I.P. ... Check out the bands My Space profile and decide for yourself...


The Fight United