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(Self titled LP)
By: Jeff Liberty
Retro Punks Fear of Lipstick is a 4 piece punk rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, the hub for punk rock music on the Canadian East Coast. The band consists of members; Eric Neurotic, Jerms Lipstick, Derek Dilemma and Joe Cynic. With 15 songs at just over 28 minutes long it makes for an aggressive and pleasurable listening experience. The songs are both confident and playful all while being undeniably hook laden. It's been said a million times but there biggest influence is The Ramones and a lot of fans and critics alike have compared them to that of The Briefs. At times Eric's vocals remind me of a younger punk version of The Cure's Robert Smith. I was able to hook up with front-man Eric Neurotic by phone to talk about the band and current release. He was just watching SNL re-runs so I suppose it was a good time to call. Why did you name the band Fear of Lipstick? Eric says; "We named it after our favourite EP by Moncton Pioneers of the punk scene Bad Luck #13. Also we write a lot of songs about girls so it just made sense". You also say on your myspace that your influence is cheerios? "Oh yeah, well that is from a writer that likes to compare bands to different cereals and she referred to us as Cheerios". Eric says laughing. I mentioned to Eric how much I loved songs like, I Wanna Be Yr Werewolf, I'm Sorry, Don't Want and Correction Facility and he proclaimed, "Oh Awesome! We just learned how to write a bridge to our songs not to long ago. We are not exactly gifted musicians." He laughs deviously.. The band has been together for almost 10 years now and I asked Eric what was a high and low have been for the band? "Biggest high was making our first 7" back in 2006. That is all we wanted to do at that time. Next was to make this LP, which we did. A low would of been when we were a 5 piece and two member's left the band killing the momentum of the band, then Joe Cynic joined the band and it was all well again". I personally highly recommend this album! You can listen to the band by going to http://www.myspace.com/fearoflipstick1234 You can buy the album at www.interpunk.com Until next month....
In Freedom
Jeff Liberty
Music Columnist