Faction Zero formed in Northern New Jersey in 1993. The band played all over New York City/Northern New Jersey. The members of Faction Zero are hardcore scene veterans, having also performed in bands such as Against The Grain, 25 Ta Life, Punkinknucke, Son Of Skam, Subzero and others.
Faction Zero has released two CDs: The full length debut CD "Liberation" on IJT records and currently out of print and War Stories a split CD with NYHC band Against The Grain which was released in 2003 (available via www.factionzero.com). Faction Zero also released two 7"s in 1995 on Division Records. These are still available via Division Records. These two 7"s contain the original 1995 demo recordings of Faction Zero. Faction Zero has been featured in too many compilations to count (in fact, i lost track a long time ago) Notable among these is the Oi/Skampilation Vol 1 released on Radical Records - we have a live track of Inside on the disk. This was a recording of a show at The Grand in NYC. We were the only HC band that played, since we had a lot of crossover appeal to various scenes at the time. We also found our way onto the soundtrack of a low budget horror film called Psycho Sisters and onto some skate/snowboard videos also. For whatever reasons, Faction Zero broke up and re-formed with multiple line-ups. The best (as is usually the case) was the original line-up of Bryan Essing (drums) Rob z3r0 Yadimarco (vocals) Dave Urban (Bass) and Chris facti0n D'Alessandro on guitar. Rob sang on Liberation and on both 7"s, and demos. Chris handled the vocals on War Stories.
When Faction Zero stopped playing full time as a band, Chris decided to keep the name alive and branch into opening a record label. The first release for Faction Zero Recordings was the War Stories split CD in 2003. Since that time, FZR have released several other CDs, focusing on local NJ bands ranging stylistically from punk to post hardcore and beyond. You can check out the label at www.factionzero.com and they are always looking for new bands. Recently, the original Faction Zero line-up has gotten back together and are writing new material for their new cd and plan on starting to play out live again in early 2012 ... They also are looking for a full time bassist to join the 4 piece so Dave can play guitar