Esmerelda Strange
by Carl Macki

Introducing Esmerelda Strange
Song List
Que Viva La Chava
This Ain't No Fucking Polka
Ballad of Flight 901
Cunning Linguist
The Moon and The Sea
Track #7
Angel De Mi Guardia
Te Quiero Mucho

San Francisco has been the fermentation grounds of many a strange and wonderful bands. I don't know if anyone comes close to Esmerelda Strange these days. She's a singer, songwriter, and one person band. She plays--accordion, drums -- and sings -- she combines ethnic Latin and Eastern European and gypsy sounds with an urban punk estethetic with a little rockabilly and early rock thrown in--and alternates between singing in English and Spanish.

My favorite song on the album that just came out is "Ballad of Flight 901," an homage to the rockers hwo have died in plane crashs. Compare with "People Who Died," by Jim Carroll. Carroll was reciting his friends who died mostly of drugs. As someone who used to have to be coaxed onto an airplane with huge amounts of alcohol, I found this song especially charming.

You may listen to some of the tracks from her CD below--

Esmerelda cites some of her musical influences as Celso Pina, Queen Ida, Boozoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier,Those Darn Accordions, The Tiger Lillies, The Pogues, Calexico, Mano Negra, El Gran Silencio, Astor Piazzolla, Lou Reed and The Clash. What about Judy Tenuta?!




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