December 2017


Erik Core
No War, No Where, Know Peace
Album Review By: Ginger Coyote

  1. Smart Bombs
  2. Bullet by Bullet
  3. Devil's Workshop
  4. Peace for Pawns
  5. Not Even Hate
  6. Coming Loose
  7. Holy Wars
  8. Smoking Gun
  9. Tears Running Red
  10. No War

Imagine The Dead Kennedys meet The Violent Femmes, throw in a dash of MDC and you get good description for this epic 12" release... Old school vet Erik Core lends his signature vocals along with his acoustic guitar work combined with JPop’s on drums along with Al Stingle’s thumping bass which is the driving force behind this acoustic album of charged music.... Stand out tracks include 'Peace For Pawns', 'Holy Wars', "Smoking Gun' and 'No War. Well worth purchasing..... Look for his banner on the home page click and order it is that simple!

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