Please keep this family in your prayers and also share in his memory all of the stories you have of him.
In Loving Memory, Eric Zenter
A Message From Eric's Father

To My Family, Friends and New Friends:

I want to say a few things, My wife Bonnie gave me a facebook account over a year ago, I never used it or checked it. I would look at Bonnieís and all I saw was, what somebody had for breakfast or who just got back from the mall. I just thought I donít have time for such nonsense. But I was wrong.. After losing my son Eric Saturday, I began reading all the wonderful things that all of you wrote about My Beautiful Boy. Eric was a very special human being. If I was to write all the great times we had together and all the wonderful stories about Eric, this computer would surly crash... So for now I can tell you that all of you saw the same qualities as I. There is a large hole in my heart right now and I am sure it will never mend until the day I reunite with Eric. But with all the wonderful things that you are all saying, and all the prayers for Eric and my family, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are those of you whom I donít know, and there are those of you whom I do, I just want to say, Thank you that I have you all. Your kind words and thoughts are helping my heart, my head and my soul. I want to hug everyone of you for all your love. Eric will always be with me, but I will never ever hug him again. I love you Eric and I love you all.

Thanks again,

Val Zentner
A Personal Message From Aaron Z to Ginger Coyote

Thank you. I'm not surprised about the impression that my brother gave you. He was a very warm and welcoming person. I'm going to miss him dearly, but I know that he will always be with me as I'm sure he will with all his friends and family. That interview you did was awesome. Everytime I read it it makes me feel like he's alive and sends me chills. I appreciate you contacting me and if there's anything YOU need. Please let me know.

Very Respectfully,

Aaron Z.

I don't know what to write. Eric was my half brother. He never treated me half of anything and I to him. I always looked up to him in everything he did. He was very proud of me as I was of him. With the differences in our families we had gaps of time between each other, but once we were together it was a blast. Always entertaining each other and talk about what's going on with our lives. WE Looked towards the future and remembered the past. I will miss him dearly and Love him forever. I cannot wait for the day until we meet again. Until then I know he is watching over us.

Aaron Zentner
I still am having a very hard time believing that Eric Z has left us. When I first met Eric, I was spellbound by how extremely good looking he was.... He was HOT! However, after getting to know him better I became far more enamored by how genuinely nice and extremely kind he was. He was so respectful of others and he seemed to really love life. He spoke a lot about how close he was with his family. I remember after his lease for his apartment ended in Santa Barbara he was moving back north to be closer to them. He was also very candid about some of the setbacks he had experienced and how he did not wanna go down that road again. In fall 2010 he told me about his trip to Europe for a prosperous gig he got... He raved about how well he was treated and all the beautiful locations they filmed in.. In one of our last conversations he asked for a number for Jon Gries.. He had been working on a treatment for a movie and wanted to work with Jon.. I was happy to oblige and congratulated him...

Eric always had an open ear to hear about things that were going on in my life. And he always wanted to know what color of hair I had... He liked it Blue and Blonde the best.... Eric you will forever be in my heart.

xoxoxo Ginger Coyote
Didn't know him personally...just knew of him. He was so beautiful a living piece of art. I would stare at his pictures in abject,lustful awe. His cheekbones and his eyes were his most striking two features. I could wax poetic all day about his G-d-given physical attributes, but then I read the things he had to say, his easy banter of his humble upbringing, and what his friend has to say about his kindness and sweetness, and the physical pales in comparison. Beauty truly radiates from within; it is abundantly clear that Eric Zentner was more than a pretty picture....he was beautiful inside and out.

Justine Sanford
A couple weeks ago, I got a tearful early morning call from a very upset Ms. Ginger Coyote. A friend of hers, a beautiful young man by the name of Eric Zentner, had been on his way to visit his mother when he ran out of gas on the freeway, and when he got out of his vehicle to try and get help, he was struck and killed by someone in a van. The driver did not even stop...he left Eric at the side of the road and his injuries were fatal.
Some of you might remember when Ginger interviewed him for Punk Globe a couple years ago. He was beginning a career in modeling, and had previously been a rock and rolling band member and skateboard enthusiast. Not only was Eric extremely gorgeous, but, as Ginger told me, he was someone who loved life, adored his family, had a great sense of humor and adventure, and was looking at his future with hope and gusto. Having recent campaigns with Versace and Louis Vuitton, Eric was on his way to making waves in the fashion world.

It was heartbreaking to hear that this young man's life was cut short and even more disheartening to hear that the person who was responsible for Eric's death, did not have the decency to stop the vehicle and get out and try and help him. As Eric's brother, Aaron told me, he has faith in that karma will come full circle and justice for Eric will be served. For now, his friends, family and those who loved him spent time after the accident celebrating the person Eric was and how his memory and his essence will live on. Even I made it a point to light a candle in his memory the day of his memorial service. I did not know Eric personally, but through the stories from Ginger, his family and others who knew and loved him, I know I would have adored him as well and he was worthy of remembrance and love.
I, as well as all of us at Punk Globe Magazine, send our love, prayers, and support to the family of Eric Zentner and pledge to keep his memory alive and pray for justice for Eric. Punk Globe has a new, beautiful angel in our corner. Fly with the angels, Eric. Keep that lovely smile shining down on us all.
I did not know Eric personally, but from listening to Ginger talk about him and seeing how his family loved and admired him, I know he had to be something pretty special. His friends and family are AWESOME people, loving, gentle, kind and that tells me a lot about what kind of person Eric Zentner was. He was more than a "pretty face"; he was beautiful person inside and out. His essence screamed of his love of life, family, adventure, dreams, and all the good things that life has to offer. He might be gone, but he won't be forgotten. ~~ Dee Dee S. aka The Dark Diva.
My heart goes out to the Zenter Family in their time of grief for their son, brother and friend. Eric's life was a tragic lost to the world.
Rest In Peace
Eric Zenter

Sharla Cartner (Punk Globe's Web Mistress)