By: Tyler Vile

Elmo Kirkwood

Punk Globe: Hey Elmo, thanks for doing this interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and your band, Kirkwood Dellinger
Elmo Kirkwood: OK about me. I'm Elmo and I play musical instruments. Many of them. My other hobby is hip hop dancing. My band Kirkwood Dellinger plays music that doesn't sound like the other bands you like, but we are a band and we hope you like it. Actually we don't care. Just line our pockets and send us off to pasture.

Punk Globe: How did you meet your collaborator Brian Dellinger?
Elmo Kirkwood: Dellinger and I were enemies. He rode a mountain bike with a helmet and I made fun of him for it. But in high school I caught him wearing a Clash shirt and decided he must be cool.
Punk Globe: Being that your dad is in the Meat Puppets, did you grow up in a musical environment?
Elmo Kirkwood: No! Curt used to put hot wax in my ears so I couldn't hear anything. Then he would make me watch other children enjoy the sound of music. I would cry watching them sing along.
Punk Globe: Would you still consider the Meat Puppets a significant influence if you weren't related to Curt?
Elmo Kirkwood: Well, since I don't really consider them an influence now that would be hard to say. Just kidding. I'm sure I would. The spirit behind the band is what I find most appealing. Just doing what comes naturally.
Punk Globe: Do you find that you have to escape Curt's shadow so to speak or do you feel you're doing something different?
Elmo Kirkwood: Curt and I play different music and write different songs... Beyond my voice sounding kind of like his and us looking alike there aren't many similarities. So I find that if I don't mention the connection most people wonít make it on their own.
Punk Globe: How often do you play shows?
Elmo Kirkwood: We play a lot of shows. We try not to over- saturate the local scene but we make sure to get as much time on stage as possible.
Punk Globe: Are you guys planning to tour soon?
Elmo Kirkwood: Yeah. We have a tentative tour set up for October. It's just the West Coast, but I'm sure there will be more nationwide touring to follow. We are looking forward to touring off coast to coast.
Punk Globe: Do you have any particularly funny stories from practices or shows that you'd like to share with our readers?
Elmo Kirkwood: Sure. Dellinger and I used to practice naked to fuck with our drummer, Ken. We would be in the middle of a song and just slide out of our pants and start shaking our shit at him. That was always a hoot. As for shows. Maybe me puking my ass off during a bad mushroom trip between songs. Or sneaking behind my big amp to smoke some grass. Ha ha. Once some lady came up to the stage and talked shit to Dellinger, so I invited her to go fuck herself. She and another woman proceed to spit on me so kicked a bottle of water at their heads. Later that week the same Woman tried to hit on me. Bar life rules!
Punk Globe: What would it be like if Kirkwood Dellinger made an appearance on Sesame Street?
Elmo Kirkwood: Dellinger and I would be traveling salesmen... We would make fruit punch to share with everyone but the it would ferment, we would all start tripping out and total chaos would ensue. The Muppets would turn to cannibalism, Dellinger and I would be half dead and covered in vomit. Then the orgy would start...
Punk Globe: You've got an album coming out on DC Jam pretty soon, right? Tell us about that if you please...
Elmo Kirkwood: We just started tracking it. It's going to be a glorious beast. It will sound like nothing we have done and nothing you have heard, unless you like Hanson. Because it sounds just like them.
Punk Globe: Your music has a sort of trippy feel to it, does that come naturally?
Elmo Kirkwood: Yeah, and from the amount of weed we smoke while we write and record it.
Punk Globe: How have you been affected by the passing of The King of Pop?
Elmo Kirkwood: Michael Jackson was really my hero as a kid. I used to dream about him being my friend. I feel largely unaffected though. I just feel bad for Teri Hacther. People are going to flip out when she is in public like "Oh fuck, it's the zombie of Michael Jackson!!!"
Punk Globe: What about Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays (the loud infomercial guy)?
Elmo Kirkwood: When I was in junior high Farrah was in playboy. Some older kid gave me the issue. I wasn't into it. Billy Mays is a hairy man. I generally keep my distance from Robin Williams grade ape humans.
Punk Globe: Would you ever write a song in tribute to a fallen pop culture icon?
Elmo Kirkwood: Sure... Maybe about Saddam Hussein.
Punk Globe: Do you ever do cover songs and if so what covers do you play?

Elmo Kirkwood: We play a lot of hip hop cover songs. That's not a joke either. People eat the shit up. At the end of the day drunk kids just want to shake their shit like itís a club. At least in shithole Arizona.

Punk Globe: How do you and the band want to be remembered?

Elmo Kirkwood: Just like this: hey, have you seen my wallet? Oh shit, KD was just in my room!! Fuck!!!
Punk Globe: Thanks for doing this interview Elmo and good luck with the band, any final words of wisdom?
Elmo Kirkwood: Thank you for asking me to talk about myself. My ego is on fire. Words of wisdom? Here... when Jesus hands you lemons hand them back, then tell him that the lemons go in the basket and that if he wants his 6 dollars an hour he will get with the program and stop trying to shuffle work off on the boss man.
Punk Globe would like to thank Elmo Kirkwood for the swell interview. Look for their CD on DC Jam Records.....