Ellen Degenerate
Modern Girl
by Carl Macki

Ellen Degenerate
Modern Girl

Glass Manacle Records

Deryck Despotic (or Degenerate) -- guitar and vocals
Brad Shitt -- bass
Adolf Dahmer -- guitar

Track Listing

Who Made Rock & Roll Just for Girls
Modern Girl
What Once Was
Savage Nation
U.S. Mutt
I'm Political
Fuck Death Proof
Affirmative Action
Cheap Labor

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Were it not for the deft guitar work and the heat inversion in the sardonic lyrics, this would just be another collection of bright-minded pop coming from out of the Cleveland/Akron area. The band is loud and melodic, self-assured and composed. A minor tour de force. Listening to this CD kept me happy one morning while looking up addresses online for a temp job. Deryck did all the vocals and guitar work on the album; the other members are in the live band.


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