By: Pamela Torres
PUNK GLOBE: Now to any headbanger who isn't familiar, please introduce yourselves. Who are Ekho?
EKHO: First of all, Greetings to all "Punk Globe" readers!. We're Ekho, an Extreme Heavy Metal band from Israel, Extreme Metal with a Heavy Metal attitude! Our sound consists of many different influences, we have some Melodic-Death Metal influences, Extreme Power Metal influences, folk influences and even classical music influences, therefore we tend to classify it as Extreme Heavy Metal. I mean, whats cooler than some fucking Heavy Metal guys? (haha) Until now, the band has released one demo, an EP and is currently working on it's debut full-length album, which is expected to be released in late 2010.
PUNK GLOBE: Most progressive rock bands who make a name for themselves usually come from Italy or Sweden. But you guys formed Ekho in Tel Aviv, Israel. How did that come about in a city that's so well known for its opera and ballet?
EKHO: Well, actually, our concept of what we want to do in the band is something that evolved after much time and thought and is still evolving.In my eyes, a band that comes to a point in which these things totally stop evolving, is kind of a "Dead-band". I think that there is no point in putting out the same albums over and over again.As opposed to this situation, We have always tried to go where our heart takes us musically or concept-wise without really taking the close inviorment in consideration, we feel that "genuine" music can form anywhere. From the cold north, until Afar South. Even though it is not really well-known world-wide, there actually is a small "Metal Scene" in Israel, and it is possible, even though hard, to make some kind of a name out here. With all this said, musically, we feel more connected to the European scene, as a large part of it consists of genres closer to ours, and many times, similar "mind-set" approaches.
PUNK GLOBE: What particular artists inspired your underground sound?
EKHO: Our sound consists of many different influences that may include Ensiferum, Finntroll, Children of Bodom, Wintersun, Motley Crew, Iron Maiden and many more,while our sound isn't totally inspired by one band, but is a "mash-up" of everything we want in our music. As for our sound production, the sound-quality on our full-length will be alot better and will reflect Ekho's sound much better.
PUNK GLOBE: I understand that you made a 4-song demo called "Nymph" with death metal in mind. How has your music evolved since then?
EKHO: While "Nymph" was recorded, the band had just started to form it's musical direction and goals for the future.In that time, the band had just formed in the same year and was doing rehearsals in the previous drummer's basement. For us, "Nymph" was made with the will to document our progress as a band for us to see in the future, not as something that will "define" Ekho's sound for the future. Since then, our sound has evolved intensively into what it is today.
PUNK GLOBE: Where can fans get your CD "Among the Shadows of Erebus?"
EKHO: Assuming that you are not quite in our geographical area, you can purchase "Among the Shadows of Erebus" from us via Pay pal,contact us on our official myspace page or email (The band's email address is mentioned under "Contact" on our myspace page).We are currently working on Internet distribution of our music through marketing it available on online music stores like Itunes, Rhapsody etc... and through our new Internet street team, the "Ekho Commando Squad" which we would be more than happy for you comrades to recruit to!!
PUNK GLOBE: I read on your myspace page that Ekho is concocting a new album. Will there be a concept or an ancient story behind the tracks?
EKHO: The new album will consist of 8 original tracks, that the making of them took much blood, sweat and alcohol abuse (haha just joking...). As the lyrical concept for our full-length will still be atmospheric and dark, surrounding nature and epic tales, it will have a new aspect to it. The lyrics for the full-length will also deal with personal struggles, death and life. As for the visual side of things, we prefer not to reveal them quite yet, and save them for the release of the album.
PUNK GLOBE: What do you think the year 2010 hold for Ekho?
EKHO:To sum it up, 2010 will be a year loaded with surprises...With an album release, tours, new merch and hopefully a nice record deal. Let's just say one thing and leave it open, you will hear much more about us in the future...Thanks for the interview, glad you guys were interested in our music, and hope to see you comrades at our shows! http://www.myspace.com/ekhofficial