By: De Fen
Egypt Central is: John Falls on vocals, Joey Chicago on bass, Heath Hindman on guitars and Blake Allison on drums. Their name comes from a street in Memphis where the band formed in 2002. A few hours before their April 20th show opening for Cold at The Whiskey A Go Go I had a chance to speak with vocalist John Falls about the upcoming release of their second record, White Rabbit and a few odds and ends. Egypt Central brings a cluster of genres, a bit metal, a bit punk, and a bit classic rock. Check these guys out when they come through your town, but if you got to see them be prepared to have fun. As John Falls stated mid way through their set, "I know this is L.A. and I know you've seen it all before, but it's okay to start having a little bit of fun."
PG- Could you introduce yourself to the readers of Punk Globe?
JF- I'm John Falls and I'm the singer of Egypt Central.
PG- I appreciate you taking the time to do this pre-show interview. If you were to compare your band to a historical event what would that event be and why?
JF- I would hope that by the time we're done...The American Revolution. I think that America is in need of a second revolution right now and hopefully we can be a part of that.
PG- Right on. Can you tell the readers about your new release White Rabbit?
JF- Well, there is a little bit of a misconception that White Rabbit is a concept album and it isn't really. I mean all those parts that might come across as conceptual came about after the record was completed.

White Rabbit the song itself is about being deceived and having people paint a false world around you. We used the Alice In Wonderland references and The Matrix references because we were all into those movies and it fit. It's a way of painting a picture for the listener so that you can relate to being in that fake world that someone else has painted. It's not like you wanted to be there, someone put you there.

After the fact there was some concepts that started to happen. We started to put a comic book together that we're going to be putting out really soon. We're going to release 12 panels that Joey, our bass player put out. he's been working on those around the clock to get them done for the 12 day count down to the record release. As I as saying, all that came after the fact. We found a fun way to tie it in and give our fans a little behind the scenes with an elaborate twist on what happened in the time between the first and the second record.
PG- Have you ever played The Whiskey before or have you ever been to a memorable show there and if so what was it?
JF- We've never played The Whiskey before so we're really excited to play because it's legendary. I've lived here for a while, twice actually and in that time I never went to a show here. The one show that I actually got to go to The Whiskey for was a band that I really wanted to see. It was a band called Veins Of Jenna. It was a really good show and it seems like people actually come to The Whiskey to still actually go to a show and have a good time rather than some of the L.A. shows where people just stand there and look at you.
PG- Do you have any words for your fans who came out particularly to see you tonight?
JF- We appreciate it a lot. Our fans have always been really good to us. They always come out to all the shows and we totally appreciate that. We're really excited about making new fans in L.A. and getting the chance to come back many more times.
PG- And do you have any parting words for the Punk Globe readers who may not have heard of Egypt Central yet?
JF- Check us out. I think that when people see a band that's in a different genre than they usually listen to it's taboo or it's passe and they might not want to give it a chance, but we have a lot of different influences and elements and sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don't. I think that if people give this record a chance they'll definitely find something for everyone. I hope they enjoy it and thanks for their time.
PG- One last thing...Do you have a FB page or website you'd like to share?