Lead Singer Of THE BORSTAL
By: Ginger Coyote
I got a chance to ask Eds lead singer of The Borstal about the punk scene in Jakarta and his band The Borstal... The Borstal are all about punk rock.. They have played many shows with Jarkarta's most revered punk band Antiseptic... I hope you enjoy the interview.....
Punk Globe: Tell us who is in the band presently Eds?
Eds: The Borstal presently is Eds: Vocals, Erick: Bass, Agux: Guitar and Embot: Drums
Punk Globe: How did you come up with the name The Borstal?
Eds: We all really liked the song "Borstal Breakout" by Sham 69 and then we heard "Borstal Oxy Moron". So in 1998 Embot decided to use the name of The Borstal. I had not joined the band at that time but I know that the name Borstal is used in prison for under the age of 23 in the UK.
Punk Globe: Tell us where in Jakarta are you located?
Eds: We are from Dijakarta which is located in South Jakarta. Near Dr Sahardjo and Manggarai.
Punk Globe: Eds you are not the original singer of The Borstal. Who was the original singer? Please tell when you joined the band? Had you been in any other bands?
Eds: The singer before I joined The Borstal was with Bowo and then he joined The Plovetar (Jakarta Grindpunk). Presently he is not with any band.. I used to sing with a hardcore punk band called Emptycase (1995-1999) but we never recorded an EP or Album.
Punk Globe: Who are the bands Influences?
Eds: We have so many... Our inspiration is to live our lives for the small villages, city slums and the system.. Punk Rock music and the friends who have always supported us
Punk Globe: I have checked out the bands photo's and you sports Some bitchin 'Mohawks. Are you in That Photo?
Eds: Yeah . We took that photo in 2003 there was Diphoto, a crazy Mohawk Guitarist whose name is Agux, He no longer wears a hawk but someday we'll go crazy again like the beginning back in 2000 .... lol
Punk Globe: Tell us about the punk scene in Jakarta?
Eds: The Jakarta punk scene is very good and growing bigger everyday... There are so many good punk / hardcore bands today,
Punk Globe: How many shows does Borstal play a month?
Eds: Usually once a month but when we play 2-3 times we change the set up and try not to play all the same songs...
Punk Globe: Have you ever played a show with Antiseptic?
Eds: Yes we play very often with them. They are lotza fun and we respect them so much..
Punk Globe: Are you friends with Berry, aka Barmy and Rabind Rawks?
Eds: Yes I am good friends with them
Punk Globe: Tell us about your favorite show The Borstal has played?
Eds:All the shows we have played I have done with pleasure. But the most loved and memorable is the time we played an event with only metal bands (Noxa Anniversary) and we were the only punk band on the show. But we are not ignorant and we made hundreds metal head watch us in silence and I mean that seriously.. .. I was frankly very nervous !!!
Punk Globe: Have you guys toured with the band?
Eds: Not yet maybe later after we release the new album .. We will tour
Punk Globe: Do you have any releases out? If so what label?
Eds: Previously we released our split CD " Bertitle Releasan" in 2002 in the name of punks vol 1. It was a split tape w / southern rock (Jakarta Crustpunk) on Pappers Records. in 2003 we release our EP "Rain Of Beer" only 100 copies it was a self release... in 2004 we did a split The Brain, The Frontier (Jakarta street punks), which was called " Scream, Wild and Pogo" (Kosher Records).
Punk Globe: Do you have any website addresses for readers to check out Borstal?
Eds: We have a My Space: www.myspace.com/theborstal and we have a group on Facebook: www.facebook.com/the-borstal
Punk Globe: Are you a fan of the Queen Of The Cholita's Amy Winehouse?
Eds: LOL .... Not really I only liked a few songs ..
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Eds ... Any last words for Punk Globe readers?
Eds: You are very welcome Ms Ginger. Thanx very much for the interview Ms. Ginger.. Keep the spirit and keep it real. Hate the system and you love your Country. Up with the punk rock. Bless all the punks who read Punk Globe!!!