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By: Lis Booth
I was recently sent a 7inch from a band called Eater. I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to play the record as I no longer have a record deck. so I researched the band online and on you tube!

They have release a 5 track record with track listings
A1. Go Inside
B1. Point Of No Return
B2. Crisis
B3. Next Time

If your into hard punk you will love it I'm sure , I highly recommend it to the punks who love some Swedish hard punk! It's hard - raw - and will eat ya alive!

E.A.T.E.R ERNST AND THE EDSHOLM REBELS. are a Classic Hardcore / Raw Punk Band from Sweden with
6 Band Members:
Mikael Karlsson Finance Manager & Guitar
Åke K-back IT- Manager & Guitar
Hasse Dalgren Sexologist & Vocals
Micke Larsson Chief Ideologue & Vocals
Emil Edman Tattoo Boss & Drums
Znake Andersson Master of Spanking & Bass

The band were formed in the summer of 1982 residing from their Hometown of Grums-Kil-Karlstad, Sweden and reformed in In 2005 with a new drummer.

E.A.T.E.R. the website went live at: WWW with www.eater.se. where they shared their music and in 2009 Distortion Records got on touch with the band wanting to release a compilation record.

Which is now available on Dr Strange Records for purchasing in the U.s

You can find them on facebook. go check em out at:
Find their video links on you tube at http://www.youtube.com/user/eaterse