By Ginger Coyote


I was recently shopping at Ralph's Grocery Store when  I spotted a nice looking guy whom I thought worked at T-Mobile.. I went up to say hello and soon realized that it was not Scott from T-Mobile....... But realized after a second look it was MIKE DUTZ  from BIG BROTHER 8.  Being an avid fan of the show I was a bit star struck ... But -  I had a million questions.. I am so happy that he agreed to do the following interview...  I hope you enjoy.....
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for doing the interview with me Mike.  Funny- how mistaking you for a T- Mobile Representative transformed in an interview for Punk Globe. Can you give us a bit of background on yourself ? You were born in Wisconsin right? Tell us about growing up in the Midwest.. Going to the Wisconsin Dells..  I am from Iowa so I know about the Wisconsin Dells and the summer fair on the lake in Milwaukee .
-Yes, I was born and raised in WI.  My hometown of nearly 18 years is Three Lakes.  Its quite a small town, a place where everybody knows everybody.  Population of around 1000.  As a family we typically would travel to Wisconsin Dells (about 4 hours away) one weekend over the summer.  The Dells is a huge playland of waterparks, extreme rides, and attractions.  We also would travel to Wausau (about 1 1/2 hours away) to attend the state fair.  WI is mostly comprised of small towns speckled throughout with only having a few major cities.  As a family we used to travel 2 1/2 hours just to go to the nearest Sam's Club until they built one a bit closer only being 1 1/2 hours away.  Nothing is really extremely convenient when I look back upon things...nothing like living in a major city where you have everything outside of your doorstep.  Life in WI is pretty simple and laid back.  The people are pretty genuine and down to earth.  This type of lifestyle certainly provides the foundation to develop strong family ties.   I think that's why generally Midwesterners are viewed as family oriented, and good whole hearted people.
Punk Globe: You are a Leo right? ..  Do you know much about astrology
-I am indeed a Leo....just made the cutoff (Aug 20).  I don't know a ton about astrology, but it is something I find interesting and do intend on picking up a few books in the future and studying it.
Punk Globe: How did you come about being on Big Brother 8? Had you been a fan of the show prior to being on it?
-I had watched BB in the past...season 6 was my first introduction to the show.  I caught a few episodes of All-Stars.  I wouldn't necessarily call myself a "fan" but I did enjoy watching what I did see.  I got on the show by simply applying to an add on a modeling website I visit frequently.  The ad read "casting for reality show on major network send a picture"...so I thought why not find out what its all about.  Next thing I know I'm on the show.
Punk Globe: Can you explain the process of being on the show? Was there a lot of auditions and call backs not to mention background checks?
-I would like to explain the process but unfortunately that's one of those things we are unable to discuss due to contract terms.
Punk Globe: I remember hearing different House Mates talking about how both Kail and Dick had both auditioned for previous Big Brother's.
-Yes, I do remember talk about that.  And it was also talked about by past house-guests once I was off the show.  Past house guests had remembered seeing them during the audition processes in the years past.
Punk Globe: Is it true that when you were picked to be on Big Brother 8- That you had already been living in Orange County, California and that the show asked to you to act as if you were still living in Wisconsin?
-I was living in Orange County for nearly 3 years prior to being on the show.  BB did want to say I was from WI, since that's where I'm originally from, to diversify the cast on the show.  But they never said I had to play along as if I was currently living there.  On the live feeds, a person could have easily picked up on that I was no longer in WI, but in fact living in CA.  On the CBS broadcast, most were under the impression I was still in WI.
Punk Globe:  At that time were you primarily working as a Contract Painter or had you already begun a career as an  Model?
-I began modeling in 2001...so needless to say had been  at it for sometime prior to the show.  I also hold a painting contractors license and was running a small business in addition to modeling.


Punk Globe: Early on you proved to be very good in the competitions. Do you feel that put a target on your back for eviction.. It seemed like some players like Nick never really showed what they were made of.  Zach had a good game plan - He sailed by to the end before showing his strengths..


-Yeah, I'm sure it was noticed that I was a threat in that manner.  So I know it put a target on my back.  That's why when the opportunity presented itself for the house to boot me out, they did.


Punk Globe: Do you have regrets forming the alliance with Kail , Zach and Nick so early in the game?

-Had my sole intention been to win or stay in the game as long as possible, then yes I would have regret it.  But, I was there to have fun and live-up the unique experience.  My feelings were, when I go, then I go. 
Punk Globe: I realize that Big Brother after 8 seasons had to think of something to win the viewers.. Were you surprised to find out that Eric was the Mole or "America's Player"  and had any of the house mates suspected that Dick, Dustin and Jessica would be joining the household.
-Nobody had suspected there to be 3 more house guests waiting up in a room.  I know there was mention that it was peculiar when we entered the house, it was with an odd number of people.  So there was suspicion, but to pinpoint 3 for sure, no.  As far as "Americas Player", I was surprised to find out the concept the night I was kicked off.  I was shocked by it though.  Things added up once I found out as to how Eric was acting so peculiar in the house...it made sense to me then.
Punk Globe: I had heard that Dick had previously auditioned for the show  and had been trying to include either his son Vincent and Danielle.. Which may lead one to wonder if the "issues" of them being estranged from one another for years  was exaggerated for ratings...
-Right, I'm not really sure what the whole story is there....but I have also heard from outside sources (who claim to be friends of theirs) that the estranged relationship on the show was played up to be way more than what it really was.
Punk Globe: I have already told you my favorite moment on the show.. Your "date" with Amber!   Amber was talking non stop about her general bad luck, accidents, family, her job at the casino, addictions to drugs and drinking - All while drinking glass after glass of wine..  Empty  Wine bottles were sprawled out all over ...  You then look at her- after what seemed like an eternity of her blithering-  asking her if she felt she was really "cured. "  That was priceless! Just the look on your face.. while she was rambling on and on was priceless. It was so brilliant!  A pure John Waters moment... I wish I could find that on U-Tube.
-Haha thanks...yeah I felt it was such an appropriate thing to say at the time and figured it was going to fly over her head.  So I know if you caught what I was driving at, many others did as well.
Punk Globe: In the beginning I really liked Amber. She was always in the mix telling jokes, cussing, drinking having a good ole time.. Then she did an about face and became a Bible Beater with Jameeka.
-Yeah she really showed a contradiction of characters.  Bi-polar almost.  I couldn't figure out where she was coming from or where she wanted to go.  Purely a mess.
Punk Globe: I know as a viewer... I got irritated with some of the house mates?  Jameeka and Amber praying, Amber crying  non-stop and Jessica's voice... Did it drive you crazy being around the same people 24/7 ?
- Oh of course!  Its like eating the same thing everyday, or working on an assembly line and doing the same actions over and over....you get tired of it, bored with it, and just plain sick of dealing with it...same holds true with being cooped up in a confined area with the same people with nowhere to escape from them.  Believe me, getting kicked off early on was a blessing.
Punk Globe: Did it surprise you to find out what a fierce competitor that Danielle was? When I first saw her I thought she looked like an anorexic version of the late Anna Nicole Smith or Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.  I did not think she was long for the house.
-Yeah, she did turn out to be a player like Janelle.  Seemed to always pull through when she needed to.  It was surprising at times.
Punk Globe: Do you think the Producers urged people like Dick and Jen to be "characters"  that you either loved or hated? Both of them were over the top. Jen sometimes reminded me of Janice Dickinson..  At times you would hear Dick in a conversation that made him very likable and Jen also showed endearing qualities but then they both would go back into  "character".. I enjoyed Jen's tales about Vanna White.
-I'm sure they were certainly egged on to be "characters" on the show.  You're right, they were times when good things would come out of both of their mouths, but most of the time horrible things coming out of Dicks mouth, and bizarre (scratching your head) moments with Jens actions.
Punk Globe: Do you watch other Reality Show?  I know watching TV blows now with the Writers Strike but what TV shows do you enjoy besides Reality Shows?
-I used to watch Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol, and Real World.  I do'nt really catch much TV now.  If I do, its typically watching a movie.  But if I had to name a show a really like it would have to be Two and a Half Men.
Punk Globe: On the Big Brother message boards many of viewers seem to think the Producers knew exactly who they wanted at the end and who goes.... just for ratings. Do you care to add your thoughts?
-Well I think there is a general idea of who they want pushed to the end which would play along with ratings...after all, if you don't have ratings, you don't sell commercial spots, and you no longer have a show.   But, I swore they were going to compromise the show with trying to get their ratings this past season.  I heard they took some flack and that some advertisers didn't want to be affiliated with the show and pulled their commercial spots.
Punk Globe: I know there is a new Big Brother 9 airing soon. Do you have any special plans for that?
-Well, I was invited to attend the launch party for BB9 at Kail's place in OR.  There are a bunch of past house-guests going there for a few days along with fans for a meet and greet, a day of skiing and hot springs, and then the viewing of the bb9 premiere.  So I may attend that depending on my schedule.
Punk Globe: Because of the Writers Strike there will also be a Summer Big Brother. Maybe it will be an All Star Big Brother as BB7 was so popular...  Would you join in if you were asked?
-I would entertain the idea, but couldn't give a solid yes or no at this time.
Punk Globe: After leaving the show did you watch it  2 - 3 times weekly as well as the Show Time "Big Brother After Dark" episodes?  I watched After Dark  often and saw some really funny moments and also saw a lot of dead air.. Do you know if  Show Time airings did well in the ratings and if they plan on doing it again for BB9?
-After I was off the show, I caught about 6 episodes before the finale.  My schedule was very hectic, and it didn't allow much TV time, nor does it usually. I'm not sure how the Show Time ratings were.  I did catch some of those airings too, and found there was a lot of dead air as well.
Punk Globe: Had you been a judge who would you have voted for to win Big Brother 8?  Dick or Danielle? I was kind of shocked to see how few voted for Danielle. I liked her.
-I think I would have voted for Danielle.  I was surprised as well more didn't vote for her.  I thought for sure she was going to win.
Punk Globe: I think that Big Brother 8 definitely got some new viewers with the Rock n' Roll people..  They were watching because of Dick's ties to the Tatoo Parlors,  Rock n' Roll ,The Cat Club and  The Rainbow. It was funny seeing Dilana from "Rock Star Super Nova"  another CBS Reality Show praising Dick.
-Yeah I didn't catch her praising Dick, but I'm sure it did get new viewers because they never had a rocker character on the show.
Punk Globe: You seemed a  bit surprised when I mentioned that I had read and heard people like Rosie O' Donnell, Ellen, The Women on "The View" and Kathy Griffin talking about Big Brother?
-Yeah, I guess I just don't think about all the people who did watch it.  So when I hear about another TV personality talking about the show, it just weirds me out a bit knowing I've seen them on TV and have commented about them or their shows and now they are doing the same with BB and me.


Punk Globe: Do you get recognized much from being on Big Brother.. Oddly enough- at that same Ralph's I met Lynn  from "The Amazing Race".. Do you go to alot of Reality Show events? Have you ever met Sharla the small person who was on  "The Amazing Race " or Buck Wild from 'Flavor of Love?"

 -Yes, I get recognized a lot.   I really didn't know what to expect after coming off the show.  But I've been recognized all over the country at just about every random place I can think of.  I don't go to many reality show events.  I was at a couple since the end of BB.  The Really Awards was one event.  I've never me Sharla or Buck Wild but may have seen them at the Really Awards.


Punk Globe: Tell us about what you are doing now? I know you were in an Automobile Commercial and have done lots of print work. Tell us what we should look for.


-Well I just recently posted some new print work on my myspace page for product packaging on ipod.  But new things come up all the time and I keep present projects posted on my page.  That's a good source to check if you want to stay updated with where I'm at.  But aside from the modeling/acting, I'm also expanding my painting business this year along with implementing a couple new business ideas and getting those underway.


Punk Globe: How is your acting Career going? I know that you were in a Music Video. tell us about that?


-Well, I never really was on the acting side of things...mostly modeling.  Ive done a few music videos and commercials/infomercials.  I've been approached by producers who want to use me for some roles in movies.  Its a matter of time before that transpires.  But, I want to make sure I'm brushed up on my acting skills before jumping into roles and bombing opportunities.  I think a lot of people who are on TV think they can act just because they were on TV but its highly misconcepted.  So I'm being presented with things, I just want to be able to nail them on the head so more opportunities follow.

Punk Globe: Speaking of Music are you a Musician? Have you ever been in a band?  What bands do you enjoy?
-I'm not a musician.  I would, however, like to learn the piano, drums, and guitar someday.  I like all sorts of bands including The Killers, The All-American Rejects, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Matchbox 20, Bad Religion, and Fall Out Boy to name a few.
Punk Globe: How about  favorite Actors and Actresses?  What are some of your favorite Movies
-Well I really like Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson which parallels with the movies I like...Wedding Crashers, Meet the Parents, and Anchor Man.
Punk Globe: Do you enjoy living in Hollywood better than the O.C.?
Hmm, pros and cons to both.  The O.C. is much cleaner and spacious.  But Hollywood is where all my work is at and I do enjoy the nightlife entertainment there better than O.C.
Punk Globe: Is there any last words that you would like to share with the readers?
-Thank you for your vested interest in me and reading this interview.  To keep up with me and my current projects locate my page on www.myspace.com/mikedutz and add me as a friend and feel free to write me.  I personally reply to everyone.
Punk Globe: One last question Mike.  A very serious question- I might add ... Do you like regular Coca Cola Zero or the  new Cherry Flavored Coca Cola Zero better?
-Haha, I think regular.
Good luck with your career and thanks so much for the fun interview Mike.. You Rawk!
-Thank you Ginger, take care!