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By Ima Guetenbed
Just to introduce myself to everyone I am Dark Diva’s little sister, more like she is my drag mama since I really didn’t have anyone who accepted me, Dark Diva and I have known each other longer than Joan Rivers has had facelifts. She is the one I gathered my name from and she is who inspired Ima to just be myself and as we both say “if it smells like shit, and looks like shit its shit!” so if you are offended by anything I say, take it for what it is honey a fucking in your face plain as day look at reality. I do not have a racist bone in my body there has always been an open (leg) door policy at the House of Ima and believe me there have been a many interesting characters of all colors and creeds in my life and always will be because I don’t judge anyone for their color or gender or any affiliation other than I will call it like it is plain and simple. So I guess this is your disclaimer if you are a parent and reading this with your child you are probably my (twat waffle) neighbor who mows her lawn while holding her baby and at any moment could drop little fucker and it will end up in the blender. If you don’t want your children reading my writings then keep them away and do your job as a parent, I never said I wasn’t controversial. And now let me introduce you to my Dumb Fucks of the Month Club.
1. Michelle Bachman (I have a good plenty more I would like to say about this BITCH who thinks she is mightier than though and who started an organization to “cure gays and lesbians” along with her husband, in other words for her husband to have something to play with like little dolls) I do not agree with anything she says and I am in the same state and unfortunately have seen her rise to where she is simply because she comes from a very Republican area of Minnesota and as Sara Palin did got a big head and really thinks she has a running chance at being POTUS. She has as much chance as I do with all my tiaras in a U-Haul up to the White House I go because “I can win”. Someone put me out of my fucking misery if her or Palin get elected to wipe my ass. Rick Santorum, as far as Rick goes I don’t know the man from Adam and as all I know is he is probably going to be the first to get his nanny pregnant. But for signing ‘The Marriage Vow’, which compares gay marriage along with polygamy, and in the ‘preamble’ “implied that black children had better family conditions during slavery than today” said The Washington Post. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS SIGNED THIS “VOW”, I believe that you already took that ‘vow’ when you got married and to have to do it again, it’s just a show and we all know you politicians lie more than anyone else on earth, it always has been and always will be because you are trying to get to a higher power that you know nothing about. Ok Lawyers are right up there with Politicians and you are all just used to lying to get your way I bet if you look back on the childhood of all the politicians you will find them all to have lied throughout their entire life.
2. Rupert Murdoch, by having his empire News Corp. allegedly illegally spying on British citizens including, for example, a former Prime Minister, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla along with the alleged illegal wiretapping of crime victim’s voice mails. This is the same man that I believe owns FOX NEWS, and that is not a plug by any means it is a WARNING!!! As I have on all my TV’s in my house I have that channel blocked from view, I don’t want my nieces or nephew or anyone in my family to watch that utter bullshit they call reporting. Fair and impartial??? UMMM NOT!!! I think it is shoddy journalism and you are no better than any gossip columnist is. I find you all utterly disgraceful to Journalism. However I know about freedom of speech and I guess if you want to just tell it like you want people to hear it and not tell the truth of the matter then you just go ahead and do so and I will go ahead and BLOCK you from my TV.
3. Sara Palin, if anyone has read or heard about the cover of Newsweek July 18, 2011 edition, stating ‘I Can Win’, and “why she is so confident-and how she’ll decide whether to run in 2012” stated on the cover. COME ON, Mrs. Wholesome Jimmy John or Johnny Good boy or whatever the relative you got knocked up by’s name was. I am almost positive there was some inbreeding going on because that baby is pretty much proof something is wrong. Then your daughter comes out stating that the father of her child allegedly raped her. Where was that mentioned during your run for VP, which who in HELL follows you anyway? You’re an asinine idiot. I don’t think you could write a speech if your heart desired. Let’s look into that lineage and see whose brother the father is. And whose child is it?? Your daughters or yours? You do realize why you think the way you do though I hope Sarah, you are from BF Egypt where you can throw a rock and hit your family member and you have no OUTSIDE look at what life is all about. You got married young and pregnant and you don’t know how the world works, and there are different people in this very world you are living in. It’s all nice and cozy I am sure at “Camp Palin” however real life isn’t like that. We all have to learn to live together and have done so with great success. I know what it’s like coming from a small community; I too am from a small rural town in a Republican State, however I found it is Republican because the Republicans are all out for TAX BREAKS and have gotten away with it for years. Believe me I know my dad was one of those people who always votes Republican because they believe in GOD and they are giving us RICH the tax breaks. I have to admit the tax breaks were great growing up with everything and anything I wanted but I soon had to GROW UP and grow a set of balls and learn that life isn’t rosy on the other side of the coin when you are paying more in taxes than the top 2% of the Highest earners in the world. You know it, you don’t pay as much in taxes as the rest of us middle class and lower class pay, it has been proven time and again, and one day, one day you will have to pay what we all have to pay and then you can wet your little panties and start wearing a diaper, but then you would just think the government owed you even more because you piss yourself when you have to pay your taxes like the rest of us do.
4. OJ Simpson - allegedly stated on the Casey Anthony verdict that it is “Outrageous”. Need I say more, OK OK OK, “Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black” and yes, I did say it, because it fit not because he is black or anything like that so take your racist thoughts and go to hell I don’t want to hear it. Like I said before it’s always been an open door policy here at The House of Ima and that’s just the way it is, you either like it, or go fuck yourself.
5. President Barack Obama’s comment on CBS Evening News Tuesday July 12th, 2011 about the United States Social Security checks for the disabled, retired, & veterans’ “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on Aug 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.” I really hated to put Mr. Obama on here but damn it, it’s time to pull your fucking head out of your ass and be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES already. I am sick of this pussy footing around and trying to get along with everyone from the other side of the row or fence or whatever you all call it. The Republicans are NOT going to look at things the way a Democrat is going to look at things EVER EVER EVER EVER. Come on already, “Shit or get off the POT” Mr. Obama, we hired YOU to run this country and show us what you were made of and all I have seen is you pussy footing around and trying not to stir the pot and I don’t know if that is so you get reelected but my vote is going somewhere else if you don’t fucking do something and do it NOW!!!!! If you cannot fix this and people do not get their SS checks there are going to be fucking PROBLEMS you cannot imagine because people rely on those payments, and well if they don’t get them please send all your bills to the following address Attn: Barack Obama: White House, Attn: Barack Obama POTUS, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. There that is that like I said before “Shit or get off the pot”. That is my two cents for the week I hope you all enjoy it and I hope you each and every one who I spoke about read this and have someone read it to you if you don’t understand it or some way learn and grow from what I have said because your all Dumb Fucks for the week and I hope to be able to take ONE name at least off the list for next week although we will just have to see maybe there will be additional names on the list next week we will just have to see what the fuck you people think you are playing at.
To those who have enjoyed I hope you write in and let everyone know because I really had a great time doing this, it was super fun and I got out all my frustrations and got to hopefully enlighten some of you and those who still believe the lies that are being told to you well, face it you’re a Dumb Fuck too and if I knew your name I would gladly put it on here for you. LOVE AND LIGHT FROM IMA’S BEDROOM AND BE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR BED IN THE MORNING YOU NEVER KNOW WHO MIGHT STOP BY THAT NIGHT. KISS KISS!!!!
Ima's cousin was just burned in an OIL RIG EXPLOSION and has burns over 55% of his body and is critical condition at the Burn Center Hennepin County Hospital in Minneapolis, a trust fund called "Andy Rohr Fund" has been set up at Wells Fargo Banks and if you could tell everyone to help out as much as they can they barely get by and his wife lives 10 hours away I have invited them to live at our home with their two children for as long as necessary however they have bills that are going to be GREAT even with Workers Comp it will only pay half of his salary and they already live paycheck to paycheck and really could use the help.... We would MUCH appreciate it if you could help us out in our time of need. Please keep my family in your thoughts as we go through this horrific event, there were three people burned in the Blast however I do not have the other peoples information since I only knew my cousin but I can get you the additional information...