TARA REZ AND ANDY THIERUM             
By:Ginger Coyote


I recently had a chance to interview the lovely Tara Rez  and Andy Thierum for the London based band The Duel . Heads Up to Andy who was sick with the flu for participating in the interview... I just recently was turned on to the band and am now a fan.. I hope you enjoy the following interview...
Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers about how you and Andy formed The Duel?

Tara Rez:  Yeah we been writing together for like 10 years and after a year split we came back as the duel, its just a culmination of the way our sound has developed over the years of making tunes together

Andy Theirum:  - we love writing songs - always have,  

Punk Globe: Is there a story behind the band name The Duel?

 Tara Rez: Lol.. Erm.. Yeah - it beautifully described the way we were with each other - the band split quite dramatically first time round, after not speaking to each other for a year, we met up one day and knocked out 6 songs one after the other . and at the end of it thought.

Andy Thierum:  What are we doing - we should do this - a fresh start needed a new name .. the duel it was ..  As Tara said although it also kinda represents us against them , artists musicians original thinkers against , the normal views of hw society thinks we should conform 
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers the names of the band members and what they do.

Tara Rez: We just come back from a tour I Holland with dutch boys Jerome (guitars)& Fred (Drums). We have been recording the new Album relentlessly for the last 6 months or so with guitarist and ex king Kurt founder Paul Laventhol .Paul started working with us about 4 years ago he also was the main guitarist on 'lets finish what we started' album. Peppe played with us for about 3 years but has recently left to pursue his solo project, he originally joined the band as a drummer but quickly joined as a second guitarist . Over the years we have had more drummers than spinal tap , but we still have a couple in regular rotation. in this album we have a few collaborations as far as guitars go, one of which includes rob from the tights playing on the track 'dead rock stars'? which is a kinda dedication to allot of our heroes that we love that are no longer with us - for one reason or another like. Joey, Dee dee, stiv ,joe strummer etc .

Punk Globe: How long has the band been together?

Tara Rez: I??m not sure its hard to say, a very rusty brain as the years roll into one!!
Andy Thierum: The Duel been going since 2001/2002

Punk Globe: Is London where The Duel calls home?

Tara Rez: Yep we are, London is still cool and has a heart even though the stupid Olympics and starbucks and McDonalds on every corner but it still has its havens 
Punk Globe: Fleur from Secret Records sent me your CD "Let's Finish What We Started" on FFR UK Records and I was very impressed.. Is that your first release?

Tara Rez: First official release, yes. And we been really pleased and encouraged with the positive feedback its been great and also if people like wot u do, u feel like ur not a complete waste of space lol.
Punk Globe: I loved "The Duel" in which Knox of The Vibrators sings a duet with you. Are you and The Vibrators close friends.. They are such cool guys..

Tara Rez: We always wanted to write a song involving our band name like the Ramones even though that song was written by Motorhead, it was an important song for us to write as it was also the duel story - was important to us someone else sung the tune with me, but also very important that we both adored the person who was singing.

Andy Thierum:  We always used to bump into Knox in Camden as we stood at the pub, and he'd smile at us and stop for a beer and a chat - love his personal character and his band - was an honor to have him on board.  
Punk Globe: Also really enjoyed you live version of "Pet Sematary" and Ain't it Fun" by The Dead Boys.. The entire CD is good..

Tara Rez: Thank you, I would say they are two of the bands that have spurred us on, We hope we did them justice!

Punk Globe: Do you and Andy write all your material?

Tara Rez: Yes we do, we wrote a song together within half an hour of meeting .. Was good enough sign that we were in sync as to the direction we were going in - after walking out of the music stuff I was doing, spent ages, trying out various people to work with, looking for a specific special sound that excited me from my core! it came in the end, thru an add in the melody maker in the form of Andy.


Punk Globe: What bands influence The Duel? I know that Andy really digs X-Ray Specs..

Tara Rez: The Ramones, Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash, Stranglers, Plasmatics, Xray Spex, Vibrators, Uk Subs.

Punk Globe: Anyone you enjoy listening to?

Tara Rez: We love all the punk bands, love going to shows, standing at the edge or going nuts !!

Punk Globe: I know that you have toured Europe. Have you made it over to America yet or to Japan? The Japanese would love The Duel..

Tara Rez: We did make it to USA, and got to play at CBGB'S before it shut and The Continental - still one of our all time favorite memorable gigs, and as for Japan, hopefully we will soon make connections with peeps that can help us go to Japan and come back to USA,

Punk Globe: You are currently working on a new CD. When will it be finished and tell us the scoop on it..
Tara Rez: After a fair bit of touring, we thought time for new tunes, after rebellion Blackpool we set about doing this and we had been going on and on about it for a while .., we wrote the songs pretty quick, now its everything else that takes ages, guess the pressures !! .

Andy Thierum: as one of the song titles goes '�modern day slave'' we are slaves, slaves to our freedom that's caught up in a vicious circle and most of us are in it! The new album will be ready march /April, after which we will do short tour here, then to Holland, Germany, Vienna, and hopefully more .. We love gigging!! 

Punk Globe: Have you played with Amy Winehouse and did she drink all your beer? I ask that because a band who toured with Amy and the band complained they drank all the beer..

Tara Rez: I don't know her to be honest, yeah I've seen her around but - , but we don't really hang at the same places . Andy knows her tho.

Andy Thierum:  I know her from bars around Camden , I can give most people a run for there money when it comes to beer ,haha no one touches my beer !
Punk Globe: Tell us about the best show that The Duel has played so far..

Tara Rez: Ooh u know I know what I said earlier about CBGB'S & The Continental - put it like that and I'd have to say all of them - apart from the ones where we got all our possessions stolen, arrested and or fights broke out!  
Punk Globe: If you had a chance to play a show with any bands who would you pick?
Tara Rez:  - Hard question too many diamond bands to choose from - we're fortunate that we played with some of the bands we love already that are still going. We're tarts tho, we??ll play with anyone ; ) X

Punk Globe: Do you have a favorite venue you enjoy to play ?
Tara Rez:  12 Bar we love - Rebellion Festival we are always excited about playing and hanging out at - last year we decided Rebellion was punk rock heaven and Darren was its God!! lol 
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers addresses for your Website, My Space and Label?

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview .. Is there any final words you would like to leave for our readers?


Tara Rez: Well it took us a while to do this, but its because we think the world of you Ginger ! And would love to sit down and find out more about you too! Maybe one day we'll have that pleasure!! xx
I hope you enjoyed the interview with the talented Ms. Tara Rez and Andy Thierum  from The Duel. We hope if you have not yet seen The Duel That you make it a priority to check them out A.S.A.P... I would personally like to thank Tara and Andy for the interview and The Duel for providing us with their "Ass Kicking - Good Music..."