by Timm Carney

I recently met a guy. He’s young.  We’ll call him “Dude”.  Dude and I talked about music and bands. I really wanted to know what Dude was into, whom did he think was cool.  It turned out that Dude was after the same thing.  Suddenly I’m old and supposedly learned.  I felt a professorial wave flow through me.  Believing in thoroughly throwing myself into a role I took the bait and ran with it.

Okay Dude here’s my biased and condensed version of the history of Punk Rock:

Rock and roll started and then became the norm and then disco started and people hated it.  Rock and roll became too much.  It got excessive and became a big business.  By the 1970’s people were pissed.  It was time for a change and everyone knew it.  Then one day there was Punk Rock and it was all better. 

Loud, fast and insolent Punk Rock jumped right in your face.  Fashion attitude and music were Punk Rocks trinity.  If you were sick of hippies then punk rock was totally for you.  Punks are anarchists so whatever.  Some bands in New York and in London became famous.  Everybody loved them.  Stuff started happening in LA and then it went everywhere.

So Dude that’s punk rock.


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