DROP JOY - Situational Ethis:
by Anna Pirhana


Without a doubt, Nicki Walker's voice is so raw and honest that it demands the listener's attention.  If the material with which she worked matched her undeniable talent, DROP JOY might be stampeding towards an unlimited future.  The band is talented and has made a home in a musical niche that blends folk, rock and punk.  The music is catchy, teetering along an edgy line that fuses so many different styles.  The problem, however, are the lyrics.  As indepth and truthful as it may wish to present itself, the use of certain repetitive lyrics become annoying.  Walker's lovely voice gets lost in this whirlwind of repetitive lyrics, almost forcing you to shut of the music to make it stop.  Still, "Situational Ethics" is worth a listen, if only to get in tune with the great potential this band has if it just abides by honesty without trying too hard. 





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