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Grabbleton's Beach
DC- Jam Records
Review By: Ginger Coyote
Dr. Mantis
Grabbleton's Beach
I Got A Poot In My Noot
Every Time The Wind Blows
Vagina Bombz
Ron's Town
Thx 4 The Mammaries
Get Ur Wobble On
Rocket Appliances
Doin Fine
Neebo's Revenge
A Song For The People
Friend Zone
Grabbleton's Revenge
The Detroit based trio Downtown Brown will soon release "Grabbleton's Beach" on DC-Jam Records.. Downtown Brown were recently did a fun informative interview with Libby Freeman for the December issue of Punk Globe Magazine... She was very impressed by them... Both Downtown Brown and DC-Jam Records are excited about this release... Their debut "Moist and Ridiculous" was released in 2002 and now with "Grabbleton's Beach" they have 5 Cd's released..... Downtown Brown have been compared to bands such as Mr. Bungle, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus and even Gwar.. They definitely have it going on with their FUN punk/funk/metal sound.. This CD is their best produced to date and the musicianship excels...Tracks I really enjoyed are are "Heroin", "Meatwave", "Get Ur Wobble On", "Thx 4 The Mammaries" and "A Song For The People". This CD will put a huge smile on any one's face with this action packed CD.... www.dcjamrecords.com