by Lisa Wooley

Modalities of logic

The enneagram

Computers in your eyes

Kindness in your eyes

Intelligent, magnetic eyes

Gothic Mormon gypsy Jew

Blood fest in my bed


I crave you… in black

I lust you in love

The hours we talked

The golden dawn

Coffee and cigarettes all night long

That song on the art bell show

You know the one I know

Sub audio frequency waves

Air America

A kiss here and there

Coconut Curried chicken

The way you say “yeah”

Ever so gently

Your psychic energy


You are he

Homeless and empty

On the freeway in rush hour traffic

You felt me pulling you

I was selfish

Secretly hoping you would change your mind

About Texas

And take my exit

You stopped on the shoulder

I did as well

You ran to my car and gave me a kiss and asked

:”Why do I always feel your pull?”

When I’m with you I feel so whole

Metal and magnet

Water and earth

Lover lover

You are the one

You are my god

My friend and my home

I wouldn’t stand in the way of your dreams

They are as important to you as they are to me

Oh Douglas I love you so

My soulmate beyond all who have come before


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