September 2017


Double Naught Spy Car
And Friends
CD Review By: Ginger Coyote

Double Naught Spy Car invited our favorite fearless guitar players and other musician types to write and record brand new instrumental songs. The sessions were fun, action packed, and we had a difficult but delightful task of whittling down to 12 CD tracks : MOOF! This Cd was was funded on Kickstarter....

Special guests include Nels Cline, Mike Watt, Sylvia Juncosa, Joe Baiza, Joe Gore, Sara Ardizzoni, Elvis Kuehn, Ben Vaughn, Chris Lawrence, Woody Aplanalp, Danny McGough, Vince Meghrouni, and Carlos Alvidrez came in blazing with killer ideas, solos, textures, and energy. Space rock, noir, neo lounge, exotica, scorched metal, math rock, Euro pop, 70s funk jazz, ambient. That’s as close as we can come to descriptions. Each song is as unique as its collaborators. Making MOOF so fucking special.....