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Down and Dirty at the
By: Timm Carney
Ah Las Vegas

"How I wish that there were more
Than the 24 hours in the day
Even if I ran out of speed, boy
I wouldn't sleep a minute of the way"
The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas Blvd. gets a little tiring after a day or so and the watered down drinks lose their appeal even faster. When it's time to split from the strip and find some place down and dirty you need to head to the Double Down Saloon. There is always a little something going on at the Double Down; it is open 24 hours. Located on Paradise Rd not far from Las Vegas Blvd. in a strip mall (isn't everything in Vegas?)It is a dark and unassuming bar with free live music and a good mix of people. When bands aren't playing there is a rockin juke box with a great selection of punk, garage and lo fi. There are video poker machines in the bar naturally but I have never seen anyone ever use them on any of the times I have been there. The crowd seems mostly to be local rockers and some out of town hipsters who like me have tired of the "scene" on the strip. The bar is also noted for its motto "Shut up and Drink" as well as being the home of two of the scariest drinks available. The Bacon Martini is one of their specialties. It seems to be cooked bacon steeping in vodka. I am afraid I did not try a Bacon Martini but I did try their other specialty Ass Juice. When I asked the bartender what was in Ass Juice I was told "Don't ask". Hanging prominently on the wall is another motto of the Double Down, "Notice you Puke You Clean". Having once been a bartender myself that is a credo I can wholeheartedly support.
The Double Down is the perfect place to head after seeing a show or maybe even better if you are heading off to see one. If you do go and have a Bacon Martini please let me know how they are.