Guitarist For J.F.A.
By: Lisa Booth
JFA are also known as "Jodie Foster's Army" They are a hardcore punk band formed with roots in The mainstream Arizona, & California skateboard culture. They formed in 1981 with original members Brian Brannon (vocals), Don "Redondo" Pendleton (guitar), Michael Cornelius (bass), Mike "Bam-Bam" Sversvold (drums). Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls also played bass in their past, Over the years the band has included many other bass players and drummers but the main core always have remained as Brian Brannon and Don Pendleton. They recently played the Hoco fest with a huge outburst... Here's what Don had to say when we asked him a few questions.
Punk Globe: You have new music out with DCJam Records, Tell us about that and what your plans are..
Don: We`are stoked to have a label that wants to put our stuff out! Last year we did "to all our friends" (the live album) and we just finished "speed of sound" our first Full length studio album since 1996's "only live once"
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your past recordings...
Don: Well, the recent past I just covered. Before that there were a bunch of comps and split singles and then the albums on Placebo Records (which folded in 1988)
Punk Globe: What was the Last Gig you played.
Don: At a cool Repo Man/Pulp Fiction restaurant type outside deal in the LA warehouse district May 14. That will be our last show for 9 months or so (Brian is out of the country)
Punk Globe: How was The Hoco Fest 2009
Don: That was awesome!!! Total John Dillinger era hotel where we played to a (packed) bar and then stayed over the next day to watch John Doe and Exene (X) and the Meat Puppets. Before that, I do not think we had played Tucson in 10 years; plus it was Brian's B-Day so he was in rare form!!!
Punk Globe: Do you have any favorite things you like to do when your on stage for example like bring out water pistols, crowd surf, join the mosh, drench ya self in alcohol etc??
Don: No, none of that. We don't "dress up" either...whatever we were wearing when we skated that day...just plug in and go (let the music do the talking)
Punk Globe:How does it make you feel when your on a stage playing to thousands of people.
Don: Really cool to the point of being so lost in it, that you do not remember any of the songs you did...just fully in the moment!
Punk Globe: Do you ever get nervous before your about to play?
Don: Not really, but I do remember wanting to play well in front of East Bay Ray (DK's) and some other guitarists I admire (Ron from TSOL, Jan Orig/Vandals) They are good players so you don't want to screw up!!!
Punk Globe: You have Played some great shows with some other great bands out there in the skate punk scene, do you have any fav bands you like to jam with
Don: I like Frontside Five (they actually skate) and Jan from the Vandals (skates too) has a new band called Anarchy Taco
Punk Globe: I like to ask most of my bands this question, as I like to know who are the sounds in everybodys ears! who are you currently listening to
Don: I like the "new" (probably a year old by now) Rancid album
Punk Globe: What influences have inspired you through to your music
Don: In the late 70's it was the Damned/Clash/Pistols/Sham 69. Early 80's it was the Dead Kennedy's (DK's), Big Boys, TSOL, Vandals etc. Late 80's new Model Army...and from then on a whole bunch of different stuff
Punk Globe: Would you say your music is a release of energy and frustration
Don: The music is energy for sure, but I would say the lyrics are more sarcasm vs frustration.
Punk Globe: Will you ever retire from music or will you play forever!
Don: I may not play live forever, but I will always play music
Punk Globe: What do you love to do in your spare time,
Don; Surfing!!!!!
Punk Globe: Idols - do you have any? & why
Don: No, not really. I was lucky to grow up around a lot of talented folks in really good bands both in HB and then when I lived in the folks most people look up to are just guys I know from wherever. Before I moved to PHX I knew the bass player from TSOL (bought surfboards from him) worked at a restaurant with the guitarist and bassist from the Meat Puppets (those guys are WAY talented) and nowadays surf with the orig. Vandals guitarist every weekend (legend of Pat Brown, Urban Struggle etc.) I do think Capt. Sensible is an AWESOME guitarist and the orig. New Model Army bassist rules, but they are not my idols.
Punk Globe: Do you listen to any UK punk sounds, who?
Don: See above, but before the pistols I would like to add the who and the kinks!
Punk Globe: Any plans come to Play in the UK?
Don: Working a lot right now (music does not pay the bills) but never say never. I would really like to play overseas!
Thanks for sparing some time to answer these questions Don.

You can find JFA at the following sites:

Punk Globe would like to thank Don Pendleton and Lisa Booth for the fun Interview