Dawn Wirth Interviews Photographer
Punk Globe: What made you become a Photographer?
Donna: I had seen Janis Joplin perform several times. She had so much power and emotion and I wanted to capture that.
Punk Globe: Who is or was your favorite Person or Group to photograph?
Donna: That's a tough question because It's hard for me to choose between Patti Smith and Janis Joplin. It may seem odd that I would choose someone I have been photographing for 35 years and someone that I shot for only one year. But for me, every one of their performances has had an intensity and charismatic quality that spoke to me and was instrumental in me being able to capture the essence of a shared moment. It was also each of these artists and their approach to every performance that has captivated and inspired me to pick up my camera - initially and continuously.
Punk Globe: Tell me about your book "Ask the Angels",
Donna: Ask the Angels was originally published in 1978. It was 60 pages of black and white photographs documenting the LA New Wave and punk rock scene. There were many incredible bands that were making an impact at that time. The redesigned reissue of Ask the Angels includes photographs from 1979 and 1980. It also has text from some of the scene-makers (Kid Congo Powers, Alice Bag, Joan Jett, Trudie, Brendan Mullen, Exene, the Zeros, etc.).
Punk Globe Is it a book of all black and white or color or both?
Donna: It is all black and white.
Punk Globe: Which Nightclub was your favorite to shoot at?
Donna: The Whisky, definitely. There were amazing bands and backstage antics almost every night. The Starwood was also a good club to at.
Punk Globe: What are you doing now?
Donna: I'm mostly photographing nature. It's nearly impossible to get photo credentials for bands now. In the 70's, no one cared if you had a camera. There were several really good photographers documenting the scene.
Punk Globe: Is there someone that you always wanted to shoot, but didn't get an chance too?
Donna: John Lennon. He and Yoko were scheduled to play the Forum in February 1981. Unfortunately, we know the tragedy of December 8, 1980.
Punk Globe would like to thank both Dawn Wirth and Donna Santisi for the interview...Donna will be signing her book August 12, 2010 @ 7PM at Book Soup......