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We've all been there. You have nothing, no place to go and no one is there to pick you up and tell you everything is going to be all right. We have all had hard times and we've all known times when we had no hope and no options, but by the grace alone we have all been saved from the worst of it and here we are now. with friends, families and people who love us that we, in turn, love back. We look back on the tough times and thank our lucky stars, thank God, thank our angels and our own resilience. What a relief, we've all made it.

But now there is someone else who needs a little saving. And not just one someone, but many. Most barely made it to be alive today. Some never even had the chance to come home and begin life as they ought too. I don't mean our friends, neighbors or the people we see everyday. I mean those four legged, fur covered 'people' who make a lot of our lives worth it.


A tough day out in the real world? A run of bad luck? Lost someone? something? You can sit down and look at the four legged bundles of love and understanding and know that no matter what, you are everything they've ever wanted, needed and love. Perfect you, just the way you are.

But right now, about 200 dogs who have suffered are in danger of losing the sanctuary that saved them from the worst. With all the needs of these great dogs being met to the best of our ability we are now in danger of losing the only place they have to call home. We are a non profit rescue who depends solely on the charity of others, with dogs who are awaiting a good safe home, dogs who have been rescued from hurtful situations and some dogs who are just trying to live out what little time they have left in a comfortable loving place.


If we lose their home, we lose all these dogs to Animal Control who will take away their chances to live a peaceful life, to find a good home and many will just lose their chance to LIVE. Most of the dogs will be put to sleep immediately because they already escaped the needle once before.


Dogs like Brutus, who once attempted to kill any stranger on sight, but now will just ignore you as long as you leave him alone too. Now that he lives out of the din and craziness of Los Angeles, he has calmed down and is willing to meet new people even if he takes a while to decide whether or not you're not going to hurt him. I want to cry every time I go to his room and he comes racing for me, tail wagging, to jump up and put his paws on my knee and say Hello. He's come a long way!

Before this happens, we are pleading with you to help us raise money to save their HOME. They have no place else to go and no one else to care for them. We just don't have the money to in our reserves to pay the mortgage, we have put all our money into food, medicine, vet visits and the constant safety of these animals. Can you help us save their lives?

I am reaching out to you, because you are my friends. You know me and many of you know my dogs and they are here in my home because of The Dog Angels Rescue. They are my entire world and without them I wouldn't make it through everyday and many of you feel the same way about your own pets. They are family. They are love. I am hoping that you can help us save the rescue that saved them while we struggle to find more homes for dogs every day we cannot risk losing the only one they have right NOW. Please go visit our donation page and let Creamsicle, Jack and Meg try to find homes. Let Brutus continue his happy and safe existence after having survived so much abuse in his short life. Let us keep these beautiful loving animals alive and healthy and happy. Maybe one of them could come home with you?

Please visit the link to donate and help us save the rescue!

And please take a moment to look at the dogs we have up and keep checking for new ones, maybe your best friend is here waiting for you.

And please please please do me the favor of forwarding this to everyone you know. These are not just some dogs, these are the survivors, the best friends and the heart of understanding and forgiveness. I know them all well, let's give them a second chance in this life!


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