Disturbing Foresights – De-Grunged

Reviewed by Thomas Vangen Lund

Released: Mar 31, 2008
Label: Deity Down Records


Disturbing Foresights was a Dutch punk band, and one of the first to manage to mix metal/hardcore music with punk when they started back in 1989, so expect a 'hard' kind of punk music.The tracks on this album was originally recorded back in '93, 3 years before the band disolved.But due to some label issues it didn't get released until 2008, 15 years after the recordings took place.

I had never heard of this band when I got the CD in the mail, and so therefore I found the ''human beatbox'' in the beginning of the first song quite disturbing and I didn't know what to expect, I eventually found the rest of the song to be quite good, it's just that I would have preferred it if the beatbox in the background wasn't there, it sort of ruins the first impression and the image I get of the band, because the rest of the album does not feature anything like that.

The album picks up later on in the record with personal, exciting favourites of mine, such as ''Shadow'', ''Going to the Pub'', ''Perfect World'' and ''Lonely''. All the songs are professionally recorded and the instruments and vocals all sound very good, Iwan's vocals sound especially good on ''This 1's 4 U''.

It seems as if the album tries to be more ''varied'', if I may call it that, than it really is, because really, the songs are pretty similar to one another. Now don't get me wrong, this is a good thing if you like this kind of sound, (it does have a certain kind of sound to it) if you're into metal, or the heavier sort of punk music this record is definitely worth checking out. Taking everything from this album into consideration, I personally must admit that I do like it and hope you will too.

You can get a glimpse of what the album's like on their MySpace page over at: www.myspace.com/disturbingforesights or buy it at: www.deitydownrecords.com.

Additional information:

During the ''De-Grunged'' recording sessions, Disturbing Foresights consisted of:

Bas De N. – Guitars

Koentje B – Bass and backing vocals
Cor H. - Drums and backing vocals
Iwan V. - Vocals

Track listing:

''Work It Out''
''Going To the Pub''
''Robin Hood''
''This 1's 4 U''
''Perfect World''
''Chemical Century''


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