"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> DISORDER
Live at the Old Wharf,
Digbeth, Birmingham
By: Rotten
The Birmingham "PUNKS ALIVE" collective really are doing fantastic stuff bringing old and new Punk bands together, and keeping the atmosphere of the old days alive. On this particularly drunken Thursday night, Eighties hardcore legends DISORDER were presiding over two local bands. The first bunch on, who's name escapes me, suffered from real bad sound, and I missed the second band through talking to Disorder's Bassist / Singer TAFF. But then, on came Bristol's Disorder - tonight's headliners, in a wall of noise. Now a three piece line up of which only Taff is a recognized, if not original, member, He was ably assisted by Ben on Drums and Nick on guitar. Kicking off with FREE SOCIETY and PREACHERS, the band showed they had not mellowed with age, as the classic RAMPTON SONG soon blasted our eardrums......breakneck speed, barked and spat out vocals.....the band were on top form. With more classics like GODS ARE BORN IN THE USA, DROP THE BOMB and FUCK YOUR NATIONALITY hitting us like a train, (which also reminded me I had to leave soon to get my train home!), I just hoped I would stay long enough to hear my fave DISORDER track, LIFE........I wasn't disappointed as the song was soon blasting at me, giving me the opportunity too to join Taff at the Mic to scream LIFE!!! in the relevant parts. - Another ambition achieved. I left this show - although poorly attended, thinking how great the band were at what they do, sure enough it certainly ain't no Iggy / Pistols/ Germs style music, but shows us that Cider Punk is still alive and well. Keep going, Taff, you're a legend!